11 Products that are Unnecessarily Gendered

11 Products that are Unnecessarily Gendered

Sexist items overflow Walmart

As women are finally seeing some results in equality, a lot of us are noticing that there are various items that have seemed to secure a specific gender. For several years, we have purchased and lived with these particular items, unaware of how ridiculous it is to categorize inanimate objects by gender. As consumers, we are expected to favor certain smells and colors according to our gender. The next time you take a trip to the grocery store, I encourage you to examine the items that you have grabbed for purchase, and decide if they are gender-neutral or specific. Until then, take a look at these unnecessarily gendered items that I had discovered at my local Walmart:

1. Stickers

Labels like these teach our youth to only like "feminine" or "masculine" kid idols and animals according to their gender. At a young age, they are expected to follow typical gender roles. So apparently, boys are not allowed to like cats, and girls can't enjoy Star Wars.

2. Boxing Gloves

This is one of many items that is gender-specific by color. Only women are allowed to wear pink gloves, according to the brand Everlast. If you look closely, the black gloves, that are represented by a man, are not labeled as "men's", so clearly sizing isn't a factor in labeling these gloves, just sexism.

3. Shampoo

I'm pretty sure both men and women like to shampoo their hair. I would love to know what is so different about men's hair that sparked Dove's idea to produce their own shampoo. I could understand that some men don't want their hair to smell like "flowery", "girl" shampoo, but not every girl wants that scent either. It would make more since to categorize shampoo by fragrance, rather than sex.

4. Razors

These razors are exactly the same! The only characteristic that made these razors "for women" is the pink color. I'm sorry Equate, what? Your sexism is as cheap as your razors.

5. Birthday Cards

As a girl, I would rather receive a Spider-Man card over a Doc McStuffins card any day. Neither of the cards included words like "daughter" or "son" either, so I'm not quite understanding why girls are propelled to like the "cuter" card and why boys should't.

6. Earmuffs

Once again, we run into an example of gender specificity by color. The color pink has no gender, so why should these earmuffs?

7. Soap

I'm assuming both genders enjoy being clean and fresh, but please tell me if otherwise, Dove. First shampoo, now soap? Men must really need something much more special than the other soap you used to produce for everyone.

8. Baby Albums

Even fresh-out-of-the-womb boys and girls are labeled by the two colors. There was a "gender-fluid" album that I later found, but it was green. Is that color supposed to represent neutrality? Why can't a newborn be a "sweet baby boy" with a pink album?

9. Face Wash

Everyone's skin is very different, but acne is not prejudice against gender. This face wash is packaged and promises the exact same results as my Neutrogena face wash does, except this one's for "men". Does this make men want to take care of themselves more when it's targeted towards them?

10. Toys

These toys don't directly say "for girls", but the products are only being advertised toward little girls through the various pictures of them playing with the dolls. Not a single toy in this pink, "girl" section was pictured with a boy, which, in turn, may discourage boys who do want to play with dolls and kitchen play sets to actually indulge themsleves in it.

11. Deodorant

Both deodorants are "fresh" scented and long-lasting, but one is pink, so it must only be for women. We don't care if our deodorant is decorated with purple or pink, we just want it to work.

Although it is practical to design the shape and fit of clothes based on the body types of the two sexes, categorizing any other object by gender is inappropriate, and I was very disappointed to find a slew of such products at my local Walmart. Speaking on behalf of many boys and girls, we should be allowed to choose products that we genuinely enjoy, not what brands demand our gender to use. Gender-specific products will refrain consumers from choosing what they really like. Several boys will abstain from choosing a Barbie over a Spider-man doll in fear of rebelling the brands target market and being rejected by their peers, and the same applies to many girls. We have to create a gender-neutral world where labels mean nothing, and that starts with eliminating such stereotypical marketing by refusing to support such absurdity.

Cover Image Credit: Brooke Wilson

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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The 5 Things Retail Workers Want You To Know About The Hell On Earth That Is Retail

The world of retail is more difficult than you think.


Ah, the hell on earth that is retail. Articles on working retail have been done out the wazoo, so much so that it isn't hard to do a search on this website and get almost five million articles about the same subject. Well, I'll be the five millionth and one to do so. I've been working retail for a while now and there are some things that I've picked up on while on the selling floor.

These are the five things that all retail employees want you to know.

1. Be nice and you (might) receive.

As the saying goes: you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, which couldn't be truer in the context of retail. If you, the customer, come up to me and immediately start throwing a fit over something and act like a spoiled brat, then I won't be as keen to help you out with whatever you're going on about. However, if you're nice, polite, calm and respectful towards me when explaining the issue, I'll do whatever I can to get it all figured out. Hell, you can even get some sort of discount out of it!

2. Be understanding of store policies.

Customers tend to think that retail is an "anything goes" environment. As much as I would like that, that is sadly not the case. Every company has policies in place so that customers won't take advantage of the store, thus turning would-be profits into losses for the company. If you are unsure about a policy, look it up on the company's website to get an understanding of it before you go and actually visit the store and purchase something. Also, but mindful of the fact that employees can only do so much with the policies in place.

Remember that we're only human.

Associates aren't machines, they're not some sort of advanced AI that can do transactions perfectly. We screw up. We have emotions. We have bad days. We have good days. You're human, too, unless you're a soul-sucking demon or something. Be understanding of the fact that we'll sometimes make a mistake that can be easily fixed. Again, it won't kill you to be kind

4. Please, try and clean up after yourself

I get it, you don't know how to refold a shirt or a pair of pants. But please, at least try to make an attempt, or ask the nearest associate for help. Also, wait for them to finish folding things before you go ahead and ruin their neatly folded stack. Also, we're always willing to throw away your Starbucks cup or an empty bottle, just don't hand us your used tissues and bloody bandages, please.

We want you to have a pleasant experience

At the end of the day, all we want for you is to have an enjoyable experience at our store. Sometimes, problems arise, things get difficult, and tempers flare, but that's just life in general. We'll always try and make you happy and give you the best customer service possible. So, if you work with us and be understanding, we'll definitely work with you.

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