Power Ranking The 11 Best Fictional Moms

Power Ranking The 11 Best Fictional Moms

Just because they aren't real doesn't mean they aren't amazing mothers.

Moms: there are a lot of things we can say about them. They're sweet, caring, strong, and solmetimes annoying, but we love them anyway. Whether it's your actual mom, stepmom, grandmother, best friend's mother, or just someone who is like a mother to you, they have certain qualities that make them special and fictional moms are the same way. These fictional moms are just as good as any real mom and are definitely role models.

Here is a breakdown of the best fictional mothers:

1. Kate McCallister from "Home Alone"

Kate McCallister is a prime example that not all mothers are perfect, but we love them anyway. Despite forgetting about her son on multiple occasions, she will do anything and everything to get back to him to make sure he’s safe.

2. Kate Baker from "Cheaper by the Dozen"

As if taking care of one child isn't enough, Kate Baker was in charge of 12 of them on top of being a successful author. Kate is basically the definition of a superhuman without actual super powers and shows us that moms are tough enough to handle anything.

3. Morticia Addams from "The Addams Family"

Once you get past the bizarre behaviors of the Addams family, Morticia Addams wants nothing more for her family to be happy. She always supports her children’s desires and she is super supportive of her husband. Morticia and Gomez are literally #couplegoals.

4. Lily Potter from "Harry Potter"

Lily Potter sacrificed her life in order to save her son’s: a true act of love. This love goes on to save Harry in the future, which makes it even more powerful. Lily had mother-like qualities even as a young adult, whether she was helping a friend in need or standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves.

5. Queen Clarisse Renaldi from "The Princess Diaries"

This fictional grandma proves that getting old doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Queen Clarisse teaches her granddaughter how to be a princess, as well some life lessons along the way. Not to mention she helped her with that sleepover with the mattress slide; that’s a cool grandma.

6. Leigh Anne Tuohy from "The Blind Side"

No one fights harder for what she wants than Leigh Anne Tuohy and, better yet, no one fights harder for what is right. When it came down to giving Big Mike a place to stay and an equal chance at life, she made sure that he got what he needed. Even though he wasn’t her own son, she treated him like a part of the family. Leigh Anne embraces the sassiness that lies in every mom.

7. Clair Huxtable from "The Cosby Show"

Clair Huxtable is proof that a woman can have a full-time job and still be a successful mother. She’s a lawyer and her husband is a doctor but when it comes to home life, Clair is on the ball and always there for her kids and her husband.

8. Molly Weasley from "Harry Potter"

This powerhouse, sweater-knitting mom may seem like she’s all over the place but, in reality, what mom isn’t? As the mother of six boys and one girl, it’s hard to recognize each child for his or her achievements but that doesn’t mean she loves them any less than the other and she will always defend her babies. Molly Weasley indefinitely won us all over with her famous quote from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”: “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!”

9. Kala from "Tarzan"

Kala’s mother instincts kicked in once she realized that Tarzan’s parents were dead. Having lost her own baby to the same killer, Kala took Tarzan as her own, despite Kerchak telling her not to. Kala also taught us that we don’t need to look the same to be a family.

10. Sophia Petrillo from "The Golden Girls"

Doing anything to stay out of the nursing home, Sophia Petrillo lives with her daughter and her two friends providing witty comments, life advice, and a few good laughs. Sophia was definitely the OG "cool mom".

11. Maria from "The Sound of Music"

This woman went from nun-in-training, to governess, to wife and mother in literally no time at all. Maria taught the von Trapp family how to be happy again and became the mother that they all needed.

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