11 Mac And Cheeses Everyone Needs To Experience

11 Mac And Cheeses Everyone Needs To Experience

There are so many ways to enjoy your favorite late night snack!


This article is dedicated to my best friend. The only one that has been with me through every holiday, budget crisis, and Netflix binge, yet has never failed to provide anything besides copious amounts of pure joy – Mac and Cheese. Now some may think it gets old and although this opinion disgusts me, I can (kind of) understand. Well that's in the general sense at least – that when one indulges in too much of anything, it may tend to get old. But don't worry, Mac has many more shapes, ingredients, and tastes than meets the eye, and here are just a few to try out next time your Instagram photo gets under 100 likes:

1. Mac and Cheese Bacon Rolls

Forget pigs in a blanket! How about BEAUTY in a blanket.

2. Grilled Mac and Cheese


3. Chili Mac and Cheese

Now that is something. Chili mac and cheese IN corn bread?! Girl...

4. Mac and Cheese Dogs

For the meat lovers out there.

5. Cheese Cupcakes

It's like a cupcake, but even better!

6. Mac and Sweets

One plate of southern comfort coming right up!

7. Mac and Apples and Cheese

A PG-13 version of the once favorite lunchtime snack.

8. Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac + Muffin Pan = Magic

9. Mac and Cheese Nugs

No chicken, just cheese.

10. Lobster Mac

For the fanciest of occasions.

11. Velveeta (cups, of course)

Because TBH, who's cheffin' all that up? This is all you need.

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