Believe it or not, the college year is starting back up in about a month (or maybe almost two depending on where you go), which means heading back into classrooms and lecture halls. If you go to a big school like I do, the large lecture halls are filled--and some weeks maybe not so filled – with students, some of whom want to be there more than others. If you're going to be new to the large college classroom, there are some things you're definitely going to be seeing once you step foot inside. Whether it's a (slightly) smaller class of 100 or as large as about 500, you'll get a real slice of your college experience right there.

1. The Studious Ones

I'm definitely in this group. The ones who sit in the front row or two, take lots of notes, ask lots of questions, and pay close attention. This group may sometimes seem annoying, but they also might be the ones who help you the most.

2. The Rolled-Out-Of-Bed Ones

Sometimes it's obvious when you got out of bed five minutes before class, whether it be your wardrobe, your hair, or the fact that you're half-passed out in your sleep. We've all been there every once in awhile, but some people make a habit of yawning their way through class.

3. The Texting Ones

This group can be super open or secretive, depending on how strict your professor is, but you always hear constant phone vibrations or little dings; most of the time, it can be very annoying, and you'll send lots of eye rolls in their direction.

4. The Netflix-On-Their-Laptops Ones

Again, if you have a professor that allows laptops, there are people who will take advantage of that privilege. Hopefully, they'll be kind to their neighbors and use mute or headphones, but if you sit a few rows back maybe you'll luck out and get to catch an episode of "The Office."

5. The Daydreaming Ones

Every once in awhile, you'll find your professor turning into the teacher from Charlie Brown and everything they say goes in one ear and out the other. Sometimes it's just better to think about what you're getting for lunch or doing this weekend.

6. The Confused Ones

This group comes in two forms: the ones who ask questions and the ones who don't. The former group will ask questions that drive you crazy because it's probably about something you learned weeks ago. The latter group just sits there with the most puzzled looks; we all don't want to be them, but sadly, we'll probably will be at some point.

7. The Talkative Ones

This group might be the worst. There's nothing more annoying than trying to actually pay attention and listen but someone behind you feels the need to talk, whether it's to themselves or to the person next to them. You don't want to tell them to shut up, but you really should.

8. The Distracting Ones

This group might not be distracted themselves, but they sure will distract you. Whether they're tapping a pen, shuffling their papers, or just doing anything else, you will want to throw yourself (or them) out the window anytime they walk in the classroom.

9. The Funny Ones

Most classes have some kind of class clown, and throwing hundreds of students together means you'll definitely get a few in there. Most of the time you'll probably chuckle at what they say, but sometimes they might push it too far and drive you insane.

10. The Promoter Ones

At least once a week in one of my lectures, someone would go to the front in the beginning to promote some show or protest or group they're in, and chances are, everyone would just sit there expressionless. People rarely showed any interest no matter what it was, but they do it every week nonetheless.

11. The Late Ones

Everyone might be late on an occasional basis because of the bus or forgetting to set an alarm, but there's definitely a few people who you will notice are late on a regular basis, and you will see shuffle in and head to the back once the professor has started teaching, every single time.

Now, these are just some of the people that you'll meet in every big lecture hall that you'll go into, and chances are you'll fall one or more of these categories. If you do end up going to a smaller school, there's a good chance that you'll see most of these people in your classrooms too.