Finding the perfect playlist to get you hype before or during your favorite game can be pretty hard. If it's too hype you can get too aggressive and if it's too mellow you can find yourself playing too passively. I'm here to solve your dilemma with the perfect songs for every instance. (Headphones or speakers with bass are highly recommended.)

1 .Tobu - Candyland

Let's start this off with something right in the middle. It's calming with just enough hype to get you ready to get in the game. For the pregame lobby.

2. Alan Walker - Fade

Another NCS classic we got this great chill song. Perfect for bringing yourself down after a tough game or celebrating a close victory.

3. Jetta - I'd Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)

For when you're whole team is relying on you and you need to save your team. This is your anthem.

4. Escape the Fate - One For The Money

When you need that edgy push to just dominate the enemy team. This is the best one for your money. (bad puns I know, couldn't help it)

5. Three Days Grace - Riot

Your team has basically lost you the game already and you're pissed. Let me help and add some fire to the flame.

6. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army [The Glitch Mob Remix] (OST Battlefield 1 - Trailer Music)

You want bass. I got some bass for you. Prepare to mow down your enemies with this epic remix.

7. Linkin Park - Burn It Down

When it's just time to throw in the towel and revel in your angst.

8. Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9

Things are going good and you're feeling good. Keep the good energy going with this uplifting beat.

9. Psychic Type - Victory Road

Are you feeling nostalgic? You want some Pokemon EDM? I got you covered.

10. G-Eazy - You Got Me

Drinking and playing video games. A perfect combination. Add this and you going to be feeling lit.

11. Stereo Sayan 3D

The montage song that surpasses all other montage songs. If this songs can't get you hype then there is something wrong with you.

These are some of my favorite songs to game to. For me, the tempo and attitude of my music really affects my gameplay. What about you? What songs get you hype?