11 Good Things That Happened In 2017 for Human Rights
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11 Good Things That Happened In 2017 for Human Rights

So many good things happened last year. Here are a few of them.

11 Good Things That Happened In 2017 for Human Rights
New York Times

Let’s face it – in some respects, 2017 was a pure, unmitigated disaster, a series of unending, terrible events. There were natural disasters that decimated whole cities, elections that divided more than they unified and terrible, terrible abuses by people in positions of power (however, most were men).

2017 was not the best year for human rights, nor was it terribly good for the fight for equality. There were a few things about this past year that were not entirely awful, however. Here is a short list of the good that quietly (or not-so-quietly) happened in 2017:

1. The royal engagement.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged: while this may not seem all that important, Ms. Markle is biracial, divorced and American, making her someone who defies royal traditions. She is also an outspoken feminist and activist, and her new status gives her a larger platform to continue her incredible work.

2. #MeToo.

The #metoo campaign took off, and brought about a very necessary discussion on sexual harassment both inside and outside of the workplace and gave a platform for survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault to be seen and heard (if they wished to be).

3. Women's marches.

In relation to the above highlight, the Women’s Marches that occurred globally were a powerful demonstration of strength in numbers and of the still necessary fight for equality for all women. Speaking as a woman, it was incredibly powerful to read and hear about the marches taking place across the country, especially after an upsetting and disheartening election.

4. Local governments' action.

When the US Federal government failed, local governments stepped up: they fought the infamous travel ban, they vowed to do better by the environment. They continued to love America enough to hold her to higher standards, to demand that we do better. They continued to lead.

5. A more inclusive Barbie.

Another highlight of 2017 was Mattel’s newest creation: a hijab-wearing Barbie based off of Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, another incredibly powerful woman. Their move towards inclusivity was not isolated, however.

6. Anti-bullying campaigns.

Across the nation, students are speaking up about and against bullying, with some students in Boca Raton, Florida creating a club so none of their peers have to eat alone.

7. A newfound treatment for ALS.

Israeli scientists revealed that they have discovered a new treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease, more commonly known as ALS. They are hopeful that this revolutionary treatment will also benefit those affected by Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.

8. The first commercial artificial pancreas.

Medtronic came out with the first commercial “artificial” pancreas. While it is not entirely self-sufficient, it allows someone with Type 1 Diabetes (like me!) to spend less time worrying about their blood glucose levels and more time doing things they enjoy.

9. A self-assembled artificial pancreas.

On the same note, one woman actually created her own artificial pancreas out of an insulin pump and mail-order parts in an effort to take control of her own healthcare and well-being. She then gave away the plans to make it for free.

10. Broken record for amount of days spent in space.

Commander Peggy Whitson broke the US record for most days spent in space with 665 days total.

11. A man accidentally sent hundreds of cookies to an overseas soldier.

Delightfully, one man, after he was added to a group chat by mistake, sent hundreds of cookies to a soldier stationed overseasbecause he saw it as the least awkward way to get out of the situation. When interviewed, he claimed that “[t]here are so many more worthy causes than sending cookies to a stranger” and that the campaign was “pretty silly.” The soldier and his family (presumably) have no idea this is taking place.

2017 may have been a disaster of a year in many regards, but good things also happened. Medical breakthroughs were discovered. Women were listened to after years and years of speaking up. Powerful, incredible women were given the recognition they deserve. Hundreds of strangers came together to send one man halfway across the world cookies. There were things that are worthy of remembering about 2017, of which these are clearly only a few.

What are some good things you remember about 2017?

Happy New Year, friends.

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