If you're like me, you can’t resist a good cover of a song. Sometimes it's a sick acoustic cover or an awesome mashup. But often, the best is a killer A Cappella cover. Because it's currently a time in the Jewish calendar where a lot of Jews are only listening to A Cappella music, I decided I would focus on the A Cappella covers. Some of these are totally unheard of, but a couple are just so good that even though they are a little more mainstream I had to put them on the list. The thing all of these covers have in common? They're ridiculously good. Check them out!

1. "Without You/I Will Wait": BYU Noteworthy

Wanted to start off the list with one of my absolute favorites. This cover mashes up two amazing songs seamlessly and the buildup is incredible. Plus its pretty impressive when an all female group is able to have such a multifaceted piece.

2. "Drag Me Down/As Long As You Love Me": BYU Vocal Point

Well apparently there is something in the water at BYU because their all male group also brings the fire. This is a great and fun mashup that might just light up your passion for One Direction and Justin Beiber.

3. "The Days": Y-Studs

Well I couldn't write this list without including a shout out to my college, Yeshiva University. The Y-Studs did such an incredible job with this cover that I honestly prefer it to the original. The do a great job of being smooth, yet dynamic, in the music sense and otherwise. It's really just an enjoyable listen. Totally not biased, but overall just a ridiculously talented group :)

4. "Cheerleader": Pentatonix

This isn't underrated. Everyone loves Pentatonix, but half the listens on this cover are me. I DO NOT like the original song, but this cover is so good. I had to include it. If you've already heard it, listen again.

5. "Thinking Out Loud": New District

This is a great song already so I'm thrilled to say that New District does Ed justice. The backup vocals have great balance and its a pretty easy listen overall.

6. "Want To Want Me": Mike Tompkins

Is it possible to make a list of great A Cappella covers without Mike Tompkins? Essentially everything he does is gold and this song is his crowned jewel in my opinion. It is such a funny choice of song to do A Cappella and Tompkins rocks it to the point that you might forget there aren't instruments.

7. "Feel Again/Dog Days": Mike Tompkins

Okay, one of his songs wasn't enough. He also does awesome mashups and this one is incredible. Are there instruments? Pretty sure there are even though I know there aren't. His caption for the video is an earnest, "Did I do a good job?" Yes Mike, you did.

8. "Dark Horse/Burn/Timber/Counting Stars": Backtrack

I won't lie, this isn't my favorite on the list, however, I recognize the pure genius. They so seamlessly blend all four songs to the point where if you just listened to it without any previous knowledge, there is no way you would think it was anything other than a single song. Worth the listen.

9. "Take Your Time/Radio Song/Ain't It Fun/Take Back The Night/Say Something/Come On Over": Pitch Slapped

This Berklee based group posted their national collegiate A Cappella competition set on youtube and oh my gosh. It is 12 minutes and 20 seconds of pure perfection. If you don't have the time to listen to something this long then skip it, but make sure you come back to it because it is honestly just insane. You can hear how much fun they are having through the songs and it is all flawless. Please don't let the time deter you.

10. "Chandelier": Twisted Measure

This is also a little less underrated as some of the others, but there was no way I was making a list of A Cappella covers without this on it. The first time I listened to it, I was completely and utterly speechless. As a music major, I could give you a whole list of reasons why this piece is perfect. From the group's take on the song and why the arrangement is incredibly unique to the harmonies being absolutely impeccable, it is perfect from a music perspective. As a human, I can tell you that I still get goosebumps every time I listen. This perfect cover invokes a kind of emotion that most songs simply cannot. It needed to be on the list.

11. "The Pachanelly Canon" (Pachelbel Canon/Ride Wit Me)

I definitely saved the best for last here. This fun, all male group took a classical wedding or graduation march and mashed it up with Nelly--What the heck where they thinking? The craziest part is it actually might be one of the best A Capella covers I have ever heard. The two pieces are put together so beautifully that I would never even think to question that they were written to mesh with one another. The concept of the song is ridiculous, and the execution is ridiculously good. This group is my hero. Check out their other stuff.