The 11 Best NFL 2017 Offseason Happenings
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The 11 Best NFL 2017 Offseason Happenings

We're getting ever closer to the start of the season

The 11 Best NFL 2017 Offseason Happenings
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So many things happen each offseason in the NFL. People retire, coaches are fired, and players are for hire. Every offseason is marked by frantic decisions made by teams attempting to better position themselves for the next season. The 2017 offseason has been more of the same, but here are the 11 occurrences I believe will pay off the most.

1). Brandin Cooks is Traded to New England

Tom Brady isn't getting any younger, and this move shows that the Patriots are ready again to make a run at the Super Bowl. By trading for one of the most productive young recievers in the NFL, the New England front office has given Brady yet another weapon to dismantle defenses with. Brandin Cooks adds a much needed vertical threat to an already loaded Patriots offense, and can instantly provide a spark to Tom Brady's passing game.

2). Ricky Wagner, T.J. Lang to Detroit

As a Green Bay Packers fan, it definitely hurts praising the Detroit Lions, but their front office made fantastic acquisitions this offseason. Matthew Stafford is the lifeblood for this franchise, and both Ricky Wagner and T.J. Lang could prove to be valuable assets on an already superb offensive line. With these two signings alone, Detroit's potential skyrockets.

3). Browns Acquire second round pick

I consider this an incredibly smart investment for a franchise that is no stranger to making stupid decisions. By trading for quarterback Brock Osweiler and a second round pick, the Cleveland front office found a way to gain an excellent future selection. This wasn't a flashy move personnel-wise (Osweiler will most likely be cut anyway), but it was a necessary move to try and turn the Browns franchise around.

4). Martellus Bennett to Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers rarely make splashes in the free agent market, but this one was a necessity. Martellus Bennett seems to have been a reaction to Aaron Rodgers requesting the team to be more aggressive in pursing other players. Bennett is a strong blocker with reliable hands, and should be a valuable piece to the Packer's offense this season.

5). The Jaguars in general

In my lifetime, the Jacksonville Jaguars have not become accustomed to winning. In fact, their most recent head coach had a final record of 14-48 in four years with the team. This offseason was clearly an attempt to finally get the Jags back on track; they brought in Tom Coughlin to manage football operations and instill a culture of toughness to the team, and they used their cap space to bring in proven playmakers. The team now has two star corners in Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, and their acquisition of Calais Campbell instantly upgraded their D-line. If there were any season that the Jags could turn things around in, it would appear to be this one.

6). Alshon Jeffrey to the eagles

Wide reciever Alshon Jeffry signed a one-year, $14 million dollar contract with the Eagles this offseason, and should give some much needed help to young quarterback Carson Wentz. Jeffrey (when healthy and not suspended) has demonstrated a superb ability to win 50-50 balls, and always must be accounted for in the open field. This was a great signing.

7). Desean Jackson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This was a big offseason for signing aging WR's who can still have an impact on any game, and speedster Desean Jackson is no exception. Even at 30 years old, Jackson can still take the top off a defense running a fly route, and can still contribute to special teams. He should be a great acquisition to assist with his young quarterback's growth.

8). JC Tretter, Kevin Zeitler to Browns

This has been a big offseason for the Browns, and in addition to getting even more draft picks, they prioritized the O-line as well. JC Tretter has proven to have the skills to play all over the line, and Kevin Zeitler should provide an instant boost to the run game for Cleveland. With pro-bowl left tackle Joe Thomas holding down his spot, this Browns offensive line could be something to fear.

9). Dontari Poe to Atlanta

So far, the Falcons have had a very solid offseason; they have retained the core of their superstar team, and the team as a whole is very young. Their arrow is pointing straight up right now, and barring injury, are in a great position to make another run at a superbowl. The addition of defensive lineman Dontari Poe makes their defense instantly better; he is a pro-caliber player who can lineup anywhere on the D-line, and provides immense skill in the run and pass game. On a single year deal, this was a good, relatively inexpensive signing.

10). Micah Hyde to Buffalo

As a Packers fan, it hurts to see one of my favorite players sign with another team. Hyde is not exceptional in any position in the defensive backfield, but is highly versatile.He can play safety or corner, and he has proven in the past to be effective in returning punts. A solid tackler, Hyde is a playmaker who would fit in any defense.

11). Stephon Gilmore to New England

As one of the quickest pickups this offseason, Gilmore is yet another signing that shows the Patriots are trying to capitalize on the time Tom Brady has left. While he is not a shut-down corner, Gilmore is very effective and should be a great addition to a Patriots defense that may lose Malcolm Butler. If both corners are on the roster at the start of the season, the Patriots team would be that much more fearsome.

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