If you are anything like most Americans, you are over the presidential race already. I think we can all agree that it has been entertaining, to say the least, and this debate should be no exception. If you missed it, these are the 101 thoughts I had while watching the first hour of the debate. After that, I just could not listen anymore. So, here is the first half of the debate in a nutshell if you skipped out on it.

1. Together they are wearing red, white and blue.

2. Hillary going for the handshake. Catch up, Trump.

3. This debate is going to be huge.

4. I am already over this moderator.

5. Trump is so well-behaved right now. I am shocked.

6. "Donald, it's good to be with you."

7. Someone in the audience laughed at that. Same.

8. Trump, isn't your Macy's line made in China? Ohhhhh, okay.

9. Hillary is intensely writing something.

10. I wonder how much that paper could sell for.

11. She's writing again. She is pretty put together right now.

12. Oh yes, Mr. Mediator, she would like to respond.

13. "Trumped Up."

14. That was rough, Hillary...

15. Oh, here we go.

16. Hillary digging into Trump.

17. I am so annoyed he didn't interrupt her.

18. I hate when people don't answer the questions.

19. Cough, Trump, cough.

20. Hillary looks angry. Finally.

21. Okay, she just called him out.

22. He finally interrupted!!

23. He looks nervous.

24. Interruption, number two.

25. S**t. Hillary's eyes just got so big.

26. Hillary defending her husband.

27. Ahhhhh they are getting a little rowdy finally.

28. Okay, that was too quick!

29. So much interrupting, and I love it.

30. "Donald, I know you live in your own reality."

31. She's flustered.

32. The moderator is just letting words fly.

33. "Interrupt as much as you want, kids!!"

34. Just kidding. He didn't say that.

35. I mean, not out loud anyway....

36. HAHAHA. When Hillary plugs her book on the podium.

37. So it sounds like Trump has a tax plan.

38. Do we buy it? Like, is it real?

39. He is yelling.

40. She is smiling.

41. This is everything.

42. "Facts."

43. She's promoting her website now, and now he is promoting his.

44. I want someone to promote their Twitter page now.

45. Please?

46. This moderator has no control.

47. I am dying.

48. This is everything.

49. I am sure other nations will watch this after waking up tomorrow morning.

50. They will watch the debate, and laugh.

51. Sigh.

52. That hilarious moment when Trump is like "why not" blame Hillary for everything.

53. And then she is like, "why not?"

54. Yikes.

55. This moderator, though.

56. Hillary is saying the same thing as her opening comments, again.

57. Trump has so much make-up on.

58. Like, more than her....

59. Tax returns. Here we go.

60. Trump just said he would release his tax records after they were audited.

61. You heard it here.

62. Now he is bragging about his income tax.

63. Not really relevant....

64. Oh, snap.

65. Trump just said he will release his taxes before the audit is done if Hillary shares all of her emails that she deleted.

66. The audience just went crazy. Dying.

67. Now Hillary is saying he is hiding something.

68. Now Trump is saying that Hillary's email scandal is disgraceful.

69. They both look so peeved.

70. The swords are out.

71. Trump just said our airports are those out of a third world country.

72. Clearly, he has never been to Atlanta.

73. Home of the world's largest airport that is about to get a major upgrade.

74. Even though it doesn't need one.

75. Oh, s**t. Things are getting serious.

76. Hillary is talking about Trump not paying for work.

77. I am baffled.

78. He is not even denying it.

79. Business bankruptcy six times? Gah.

80. Hillary is slaying right now.

81. This is what I was waiting for.

82. He has a point about his business and taking advantages of the laws.

83. We do have crappy laws sometimes.

84. Nice segway, mediator.

85. We are about to talk about race relations with a black mediator, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

86. Let's go.

87. Trump just told the mediator he was wrong.

88. LOL.

89. Hillary eyes just went out of her head when he said that.

90. Trump just said it was unfair to what was happening to Hispanic people.

91. Hmm. Not what I expected him to say...

92. Hillary has a point about our criminal justice system.

93. I just took a bunch of Snapchats of Hillary and Donald. (Check out my cover photo.)

94. Nothing has ever brought me so much joy.

95. Oh, snap.

96. Hillary just kind of said that she would be the next president.

97. Trump: "They were pressing it very hard."

98. That's what she said.

99. Trump was sued for not letting African-Americans rent in one of his buildings.

100. Sigh, again.

101. Trump coming back for the punch....

Happy debate season, everyone.