100 Things Guys Want Their Exes To Know
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100 Things Guys Want Their Exes To Know

Us girls are dying to know what our exes think, so I found out.

100 Things Guys Want Their Exes To Know

My co-editor wrote a piece last week about 100 things girls want their exes to know. She created an anonymous Google survey so girls could say whatever they wanted. If you have not read that article you can read it here. I decided to do the same thing but on a guy’s perspective. Here are 100 things guys would say to their exes.

1. If I could go back in time, I would jump off a bridge before talking to you ever again.

2. I hope things work out for the best.

3. I hope you learned from our mistakes like I have.

4. I wish she would not cheat on her boyfriend.

5. You’re so crazy, I wish I sent you to the looney bin.

6. You walked away from me and it really hurt. I wish I hadn’t let you go. I should have fought harder for you. I’m worried you don’t realize how important you’ve always been to me.

7. I hope you stop treating men like they are your playthings.

8. I hope your anger has gotten better so you stop hitting your significant others.

9. My ex—you put me through a lot of bullshit that still to this day affects me more than you’ll know. Whether it’s with my friends or with someone who I want to start a relationship, the constant reminder of what you did to me still haunts me and makes me put my walls up around ANYONE. And it kills me. I wish that I could say I wish you could experience what you put me through, and the things that you did to me, but I’m not that kind of person. I hope that you find what you’re looking for. I wanted that to be me. I wanted it to be me so badly. But it wasn’t me. It will never be me and I have to accept that. And I hope I find what I’m looking for and find what I deserve. Because I deserve a whole lot more than what you gave me.

10. You were my biggest mistake and I’ve grown a lot from it.

11. Never will I stoop my standards so low for someone.

12. I’m happier now than I was with you.

13. I hope someday you’ll no longer be hurt by what I did.

14. We were perfect but you moved away and I moved on.

15. Why you a whole thot?

16. Suck a dick and die.

17. I hope you’re happier now than when you were with me.

18. Get hit by a train, bitch.

19. We’re both on separate paths and I wish the best for her.

20. You taught me how to have a sweet side and I thank you for that. One day we can probably be friends but nothing more.

21. I wish I knew you fucked all my friends before I started dating you.

22. I would tell her that I’ve made a lot of mistakes and there’s many things I wish I could go back and change; that she should reconsider moving on with her life and meeting a new guy so soon after ending it with me, and I would tell her I will be stuck on her for a very long time no matter if I talk to girls or go out with them or not. No one will ever compare to her.

23. I still fucking hate you.

24. I hope we meet again someday.

25. I never wish bad will upon anyone. But that fucking bitch needs to get hit by a truck and live as a cripple with a fucking shit bag on her hip. But I hope she finds the love of her life so that it can be taken away from her while she is bound and forced to watch.

26. I hope she finds what she's looking for...I wasn't good to her, and for that I’m ashamed.

27. I don’t hate you. I just wish I never met you.

28. I hope that you can learn to accept love when it comes to you, and not treat it with suspicion and doubt.

29. We'd be way better in bed now, rather than when we were young and selfish.

30. I wish you the best, hope you do well, and that we’ll eventually cross paths in the future. Love you.

31. I wish you didn't give me a reason to leave.

32. I wish we actually talked about how we felt.

33. In the end, all you did was fuck me over.

34. Let’s fuck.

35. Fuck you.

36. I miss you more than words can describe. I’m still in love with you after all these months.

37. Waking up in the mornings without you just isn’t the same. Your side is still made just the way you left it.

38. I honestly have no issues with you, whatever happened in the past can stay there. I’m just happy to at least be friends with you again.

39. I can't tell if you're flirting with me or luring me to my death.

40. I wish the best for my ex. As odd as it sounds, we’re friends now which we weren’t for a while, and we still understand each other so well. It’s nice to talk to her when no one else listens.

41. I’m sorry I left you when you had an eating disorder.

42. Don’t show up to the same party as me.

43. You brainwashed me, mind fucked me, and manipulated me.

44. I wish that you didn’t hate me.

45. I should’ve killed the guy that raped you.

46. I hope whoever you’re with now is loving you as much as I did.

47. I hope you find what you said you were leaving me to find.

48. I regret not changing.

49. I wish you understood the mental and physical toll you left me after raping me. I wish you knew that I tried not to hate you, but that it's hard not to. I wish you cared that you were the first person I slept with. I wish you weren't a selfish narcissist, and that you feel guilty every day for what you did. I hope you know how much happier I've been since I left you and how much I'm in love with my new partner, and how much in love they are with me. I hope you never find joy as great as the joy I have.

50. I wish you never cheated on me.

51. I hope you get better and find someone that wants the same things as you.

52. I hope you are doing okay with your kid, but I also hope you learned to be faithful.

53. What I wish for my ex...Step on Legos, stub pinky toe, burn tongue on a pizza rolls, and spill coffee on her favorite blouse.

54. I wish the best for my ex.

55. You will never know how much I will miss you.

56. I wish you never left me for your ex.

57. I would tell you we were young and we could've worked out, but both of us are older and so much happier. Would we be as happy if we were still together?

58. I’m sorry I hurt you.

59. You downgraded.

60. You’re very controlling.

61. I never told you the full story.

62. You have a big forehead.

63. You are a slut now, quit playing dress-up every weekend and work on that personality.

64. You’re bad at blowjobs!

65. Why did you cheat?

66. Glad we moved on!!

67. You said we could still be friends but we don’t talk anymore.

68. I hope you’re happy with your downgrade.

69. I wish you nothing but the best.

70. You dirty bitch… Why’d you fuck my cousin?

71. I hope you realize what you did.

72. Why were you so annoying?

73. You are the biggest slut I’ve ever met and that’s saying something.

74. I love you.

75. Why?!

76. It was really weird when I found out you got into porn.

77. You are a fucking huge bitch because you cheated on me.

78. I hope for the best and I hope you’re happy.

79. You’re still cute, though.

80. You blew it, literally and figuratively.

81. I wish one day we will get a cup coffee.

82. It took me over a year, but I’m proud of you. We weren’t good together.

83. I hope you find someone that treats you right.

84. Please leave me alone.

85. Why are we so far apart?

86. You were a wonderful experience to be had, but I wish you were more emotionally mature.

87. I wish either you or I had the strength to cut it off sooner.

88. I’m sorry for what happened, but I’m glad we’re friends.

89. Return my sweater, Goddammit!

90. I hope you have a good life.

91. I lowkey miss you.

92. Why did you leave me for one of my best friends?

93. Come back.

94. There are so many words I wish I could have said.

95. Right girl, wrong time.

96. I had a great time in our relationship, but I’m glad things ended the way they did.

97. I want my flannels back.

98. Thank you for teaching me I can love somebody.

99. Doesn’t matter how pretty you are if your soul is rotten.

100. Learn how to be an actual human with emotions.

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