20 Of The Best 2000s Tunes Teens Still Know Every Word To

If you are currently a teenager or young adult, whether you want to admit it or not, you know you grew up watching Disney, Nickelodeon, and even Teen Nick. Teens from all over the world, male and female, grew up mesmerized by the tunes of catchy pop songs from an array of shows produced by Disney. Though these shows and songs may not be on the top charts anymore, you know you still have every word memorized forwards and backward. I know I definitely do, and I'm not ashamed of it, or the fact that half of these are on my Spotify.

1. "The Hoedown Throwdown" - Hannah Montana

2. "What Dreams Are Made Of" - Lizzie McGuire

3. "The Best of Both Worlds" - Hannah Montana

4. "Big Time Rush" - Big Time Rush (They weren't around for long, but every little boy wished to be them.)

5. "We're All In This Together" - High School Musical

6. "Cheetah Sisters" - The Cheetah Girls

7. "Leave It All To Me" - "iCarly" Theme Song

8. "Potential Breakup Song" - Aly and AJ

9. "Introducing Me" - Nick Jonas from "Camp Rock"

10. "Everywhere You Look" - "Full House" (You know you've watched "Fuller House" as well and oddly enough like that theme song too.)

11. "I Found A Way" - "Drake and Josh" Theme Song

12. "We Rock" - Camp Rock

13. "Cinderella" - The Cheetah Girls

14. "Determinate" - Lemonade Mouth (You know you watched this one.)

15. "Nobody's Perfect" - Hannah Montana

16. "Follow Me" - "Zoey 101" Theme Song

17. "Make It Shine" - "Victorious" Theme Song (Where Ariana Grande got her start!)

18. "Whatever It Takes" - "Degrassi" Theme Songs (Everyone has seen at least one episode of this iconic show, along with the multiple theme songs.)

19. "What I Like About You" - Theme Song To "The Amanda Show" (Yes, we all watched Amanda Bynes and liked her before she went crazy.)

20. "If We Were A Movie" - Hannah Montana (Girls, you know you sang this with your crush in mind.)

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