100 Adjectives That Transcend The Word 'Pretty'
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100 Adjectives That Transcend The Word 'Pretty'

"I'm quite into the idea of engineering being beautiful. " — Sean Booth

100 Adjectives That Transcend The Word 'Pretty'
Emma Clune

Of all the adjectives in the English language, for some reason it has become so easy to boil down men and women to the words "pretty" and "handsome," when in reality we are so much more than that. People have become so accustomed to using these two words in an attempt to flatter another, that we forget how many other words there are that can be used to describe how special we think someone is. Instead of telling someone you think they're pretty, try telling them how much you love their spontaneity, or how much you appreciate their creativity. So here is a list of 100 adjectives that are more effective - and substantially more flattering - than the simplicity of the word "pretty."

1. Intelligent

2. Open-Minded

3. Adventurous

4. Passionate

5. Spontaneous

6. Free-spirited

7. Memorable

8. Thoughtful

9. Strong

10. Daring

11. Creative

12. Kind

13. Honest

14. Deserving

15. Brave

16. Hardworking

17. Soulful

18. Feisty

19. Genuine

20. Courageous

21. Brilliant

22. Purposeful

23. Unapologetic

24. Independent

25. Striking

26. Classy

27. Gentle

28. Admirable

29. Determined

30. Curious

31. Trustworthy

32. Cultured

33. Patient

34. Convivial

35. Persistent

36. Sophisticated

37. Captivating

38 Inspirational

39. Fascinating

40. Ambitious

41. Resilient

42. Insightful

43. Encouraging

44. Hilarious

45. Dynamic

46. Peaceful

47. Graceful

48. Loyal

49. Considerate

50. Different

51. Elegant

52. Radiant

53. Fearless

54. Humble

55. Lovely

56. Well-rounded

57. Amicable

58. Alluring

59. Motivated

60. Powerful

61. Self-assured

62. Versatile

63. Articulate

64. Sincere

65. Resourceful

66. Intuitive

67. Understanding

68. Whimsical

69. Charming

70. Magical

71. Talented

72. Helpful

73. Witty

74. Thrifty

75. Dedicated

76. Reliable

77. Sociable

78. Spunky

79. Adaptable

80. Balanced

81. Compassionate

82. Responsible

83. Mature

84. Sympathetic

85. Nurturing

86. Perceptive

87. Romantic

88. Sociable

89. Methodical

90. Optimistic

91. Confident

92. Studioius

93. Respectful

94. Warm

95. Youthful

96. Inventive

97. Wise

98. Loving

99. Faithful

100. Empowering

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