10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 2017

We all were happy to say goodbye to 2016, a year of great loss and negativity for many people. However, 2017 is left ambiguous. With the inauguration just occurring, there is an uneasy feeling that surrounds 2017 as we all wonder what this year will be like. That is why amid all of these unknowns it is important to allow yourself some time for comfort, and de-stress. So if all of this uncertainty has got you down, here are a few ways to pick yourself back up.

1. Get involved in a charity or organization that is important to you.

While this may not seem as obviously comforting, giving time to a charity or organization that has impacted you or that means alot to you won't feel like work at all. If you truly enjoy the palce you are volunteering for or wholeheartedly agree with their message, than this could in fact bring some peace and happiness. Take the time to look up places in your area that are right for you, and give some time back to those that are meaningful.

2. Expand your mind through reading new literature.

Reading a book is a way of escaping the world you are living in and immersing yourself in a new place. Reading not only expands the mind (cliche but true) it also can be educational or simply comforting to explore a new outlook through literature. If you aren't that into reading, audiobooks might work for you as well.

3. Exercise in a way that works for you.

Don't try to join one of those fad exercises crazes that inevitably will just cause more stress in your life, and make you less likely to commit to actually taking the time to exercise. If you aren't into going to the gym try taking long walks each day or running on a treadmill in your own home. If you prefer classes sign up for yoga or cycling. Do what will make you stress free, as exercise releases endorphins that promote positivity.

4. Learn to cook a meal you have been wanting to try.

I am constantly thinking about how I need to make more of an effort to learn how to cook for myself. Many college students don't have cooking as one their talents, and this should change if we want to be health and money conscious in adulthood. By learning to cook and through trial and error successfully making something pretty delicious, you might find some relief. Cooking can be therapeutic especially when what you are making is appetizing to yourself as well.

5. Dance!

Just dance! Release your inhibitions about it, don't worry about looking foolish or embarrassing, and have fun releasing some tension from the stress of 2016.

6. Binge watch a TV series (And don't judge yourself for it).

This one is easy, in fact you probably are already doing it. Find a series you enjoy, and commit a weekend to watching as much of it as possible. It can be pretty satisfying, and gives you an excuse to hang out on the couch for a weekend.

7. Do something artistic.

This goes for those who are not so artistic too! Take one of those painting classes that have become so popular, DIY a project for your home or apartment, or simply color in an adult coloring book for a few hours. If art projects aren't your thing, fix something around the house or do something with your hands. The ability to create something of your own is an excellent way to gain a sense of pride and happiness, while also acting as a distraction from stress.

8. Buy yourself something you have been wanting.

Allow yourself one splurge this year for something you have been wanting, but were unsure you really needed. If you keep thinking about it chances are it is something that might bring a smile to your face when you use it or see it, so treat yourself.

9. Spend some quality time with family (or a pet).

Though families can sometimes be stressful they can also offer support in times when you need it. So don't be afraid to reach out to a family member or maybe simply a pet when you need a pick me up.

10. Go for a walk somewhere with a view.

A breathtaking view is something that can rarely be tarnished in a person's memory. Get some fresh air, go for a walk or a hike, and see that view.

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