Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Thanksgiving gives us a day or two off school, and hopefully work. For many of us, this means we are subject to plenty of family time. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, family is forever. Here are 10 ways to get out of awkward family conversations, whether that be intense politics, or an excessive amount of questions about your significant other. I hope the following suggestions help you:

1. Pour gravy all over their food.

Just everywhere.

2. Throw a pie

In someone’s face? On the ceiling? You pick.

3. Put your head in the turkey.

a la “Friends”

4. Break out with “Hello.”

Like the SNL skit from last Thanksgiving, still relevant.

5. Compliment your grandma on the green bean casserole.

Even if there isn’t any.

6. Pretend to choke on turkey.No one wants to start political drama when death is just around the corner

7. Pull up Obama/Biden memes on your phone.

Everyone’s gotta love Obama/Biden memes.

8. Talk about the weather.

We did not have a fall in Iowa this year.

9. Fall asleep from the tryptophan in the turkey.

Even though this has been busted, not everyone is aware.

10. Start a monologue about everything you’re thankful for.

He starts monologuing.

These suggestions are sure to help you out of an awkward family moment or two over the next couple months. May your holidays be filled with avoidance. Quick, someone's about to ask you what your future career goals are! Now's the time to throw a pie!