10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas To Avoid Culinary Boredom
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10 Simple and Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

It's never been easier to create nutritious, tasty, and simple plant-based breakfasts.

10 Simple and Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. With that, vegan diets can feel restrictive if you don't have enough supplies. But, because new plant-based products are hitting the market each day, it doesn't feel like a hassle to keep fresh vegan breakfast items in-stock.

From protein balls to toast toppers, here are 10 vegan breakfast ideas to avoid culinary boredom.

1. Get creative with your toast

Toast may sound boring, but it's not when you consider the abundance of options to dress your toast up with. First of all, there are many different types of vegan-friendly toast. Whole wheat, thin rounds, cinnamon sugar, bagels and sourdough--those are just some of my favorite options, but there are many more on the market. All you have to do is check the ingredients list.

In regard to what you top your toast with, the options seem endless. Jelly, nut butter, avocado and plant-based butter are some of my picks. Take your toast to the next level by sprinkling chia seeds, flax seeds or goji berries on top. It's the perfect quick and filling plant-based breakfast.

2. Protein bars

Short on time? Don't skip out the most important meal of the day so quickly. There are many packaged nutrition bars you can get at your local grocery store that aren't made out of processed sugar. Lara bars are a prime example of this; they are made out of ingredients (all of which you have heard of) and are really tasty. Just make sure to check the labels of your favorite grab-and-go bars to make sure they aren't filled with refined sugar and other processed junk.

3. Cereal

Did you know that plant-based milks are typically lower in calories and higher in vitamins and minerals than your average glass of cow's milk? In my fridge now, I have a Silk brand of almond milk that is fortified with 50% more calcium than dairy milk. This makes it a great pair to any plant-based cereal. Easy, delicious and tastes even better when putting fruit into the mix.

4. Smoothies

It is so easy to make smoothies taste more similar to ice cream than a "health food." Some of my favorite ingredients to assure a morning smoothie is delicious: frozen bananas for extra creaminess, peanut-butter for a kick of protein and nutty flavor or frozen grapes for an added touch of sweetness. Protein powders are essential when it comes to my smoothies. My favorite plant-based powder comes form ALOHA. Smoothies are nutritious, easy and filling. They also allow you to make it your own using your own flavors. Because I am on a college student budget, I always have frozen fruit in my freezer because it doesn't go bad and ensures my smoothie is always cold.

5. Non-dairy creamer

Would you like some coffee with your creamer? My (literal) coffee-addiction started early in my high school days. My parents would make fun of me because I used more creamer than actual coffee. When I decided to cut out all animal byproduct from my diet, it was difficult to find a creamer that tasted the same as my favorite dairy-filled sweeteners. But now that veganism is on the rise, more plant-based creamers are on grocery stores' shelves than ever.

6. Tofu scramble

Want to feel like the vegan version of Gordon Ramsey? Buy yourself a pack of extra-firm tofu, veggies of your choice and your favorite seasonings for a delicious plant-based breakfast. It takes under an hour to make this incredible meal. My favorite add-ins are garlic, onion, turmeric (for color), nutritional yeast and baby tomatoes. Top it off with avocado and sriracha and your taste buds will thank you.

7. Oats

Jazzing up your oats with things like protein powder, fruit and nut butter can create a protein-packed delicious breakfast that will keep you sated all day long. For an even easier on-the-go style breakfast, try making overnight oats with dairy-free substitutes.

8. Fruit and nut butter

To assure I never get bored with my plant-based breakfasts, I sometimes create my own inventions. One of my go-to morning meals is a fruit bowl topped with plant-based nut butter, nuts, seeds and granola. It's healthy, colorful and super easy to prepare.

9. Protein balls

Protein balls are great to make ahead for a busy week. They taste great on their own, but they also can be used in smoothies for added texture and protein. Pinterest has many different plant-based inspired protein bites that require a minimal amount of ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

10. Elegant smoothie bowl

Last but not least, assembling a smoothie bowl is my favorite breakfast. It allows me to play with flavors and express my culinary creativity by making the bowl as pretty as I can. Pick your favorite smoothie base and top it off with any plant-based item you have in your pantry. Chia seeds, non-dairy chocolate chips and peanut butter are my favorite smoothie bowl toppers. Instagram and Pinterest are perfect places for inspiration.

There you have it! 10 vegan breakfast ideas that will never leave you bored with your morning routine.

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