There is the typical date where a guy takes a girl to get some expensive food and go to the movies.

However, that is overrated. Rather than spending a ton of money on a date, there are some inexpensive (and a lot more fun) date ideas out there.

1. Picnics

In the spring and summer, picnics are the best! Going to a small park (or your backyard), setting down a blanket, and eating some homemade sandwiches can make for a great date! Sitting and talking while observing everything around you is something people don't really do anymore.

2. Walking Around Town

Downtown areas are fun. This is a fact. There is always something interesting and there are plenty of quaint bistros and cafes to go to. Getting some fresh air with your significant other is not only good for you, but it is relaxing as well!

3. Movie Night

Turn on a classic movie and cuddle. Watching a movie in silence can be fun. Grab some snacks and make an entire night of it. Why not watch your three favorite movies together and eat a ton of food in your PJs?

4. Eating In

Take-out especially is always a good idea. Eating take-out in your room and talking about anything and everything never fails to bring two people together.

5. Driving Anywhere

I prefer night drives, but any drive can be fun. Cranking up some music and singing at the top of your lungs is a carefree experience. Explore places you both haven't been and enjoy your time together.

6. Naps

Who doesn't love naps? Taking a short nap and waking up next to your significant other is a great feeling!

7. Fast Food Date

I understand that not everyone likes eating fast food. However, grabbing something small and parking the car to eat can be peaceful. Eating and talking while you watch life go by is (again, I use this word) relaxing!

8. Board Game Night

I am a sucker for board games. I know that might be considered "nerdy," but as long as it isn't Monopoly, I am always down for a game night! Board games are underrated as it is, and therefore make this list.

9. Watching Netflix And Talking (Not "Chilling ;)")

Seriously, you don't need to "Netflix and Chill" with someone when you watch Netflix together. Just turn on your favorite show and watch it.

10. Grocery Store Shopping

I love grocery shopping with people! Significant others are particularly fun to do this with because it gives you a sneak peak into what life may be like with them one day.