10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Vinted Seller
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10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Vinted Seller

If you're interested in making some extra money from gently used item(s), use these tips and tricks on Vinted to promote yourself and become a successful Vinted seller.

10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Vinted Seller

Making extra money from selling gently used clothing, makeup, accessories and shoes is always rewarding. Most of the time these items are in the back of your closet or drawer becoming dusty. Although it is empowering to donate items to homeless shelters, this phone app can make you a lot of money without having a job. There are specific strategies that anyone can use to become a successful Vinted seller.

1. Purchasing

Poly mailer size envelopes will ensure that you are prepared to ship out your item(s). Purchase a bundle of 100 6 x 9 self-sealing envelopes. These can be purchased on amazon prime for $5.67.

2. About you

This is one of the most important sections to fill out on the app. This will let your customers know a little about you. Always include if you live in a smoke-free/animal-free house, if your prices are negotiable or not, if you accept swaps/bundles and an estimate on when you will ship out any item(s) purchased. Don't forget to sound friendly!

3. Take advantage of free boxes!

If you're selling a bundle or any item that is over two pounds you can get free USPS Priority boxes. This is a great tip to know so that you're saving your own packages for items less than two pounds.

Please note that you can not use these free priority boxes with a first class shipping label.

4. Communication

This is the key in having returning "vinties" or buyers. If you are short on time, you can save an automatic message on your phone. Always thank your buyer as soon as they purchase item(s) from your closet. Also remind them the approximate day you will ship it out. Don’t forget to message your buyer when you send the item out. (Always keep your receipts for your own sake).

If you have time, write a kind note thanking your buyer and put it in the box/package. Nice messages always leave happy buyers!

5. Follow people

A trick to get people to know who you are is to follow as many people as you can. This will promote your closet and you'll most likely gain followers. The more followers, the more people will get notified when you put an item up for sale.

6. Quality of pictures

This is always going to interest a buyer more than a sloppy photo. Do not put a filter on your pictures, this can lead to an unexpected bad review on your end, for false advertisement.

  • Take pictures in good lighting.
  • Take a picture with flash and one without.
  • If you can model the item, do it!
  • Find a good background, preferably white.
  • Pair the item you're selling with other close to give your viewers ideas on how to wear the piece.
  • And if you're selling shoes, please wash & sanitize them before shipping.

7. Description

Always give an accurate description of what you're selling. Don't forget to use hashtags! This will help buyers find your item.


8. Forums

These allow "vinties" to see any special promotions you're doing.

  • You can also post ISO black and white nikes size 10. And people may post their pictures & price.
  • You also can promote your blog this way as well.
  • Screenshot everything you're selling on your phone & put these pictures in a special folder labeled as Vinted. This will ensure that you can easily share your closet.

9. Ratings

These can either make or break your reputation on Vinted. The more positive ratings you have the more likely people will trust you. This is another reading why including a positive note when you ship out your item(s) can help influence people to rate you highly. Don't be afraid to ask them for an honest review!

10. Do your part

Even if it means that you have to spend extra money at the post office because the item was overweight, never cancel an order because of this. It wasn't the buyer's fault. If you're afraid of this, invest in a scale!

In result, anyone who is interested in selling items on Vinted should follow these 10 steps for success.

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