"Gilmore Girls." Every college girl's favorite show to binge watch in their free time. Okay, maybe not everyone's, but definitely my favorite. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are the closest, if not most, to being relatable to college students (although Rory eventually enters college). With all the coffee, food, guy trouble, stressful situations, and happy moments, one would easily mistake them as everlasting college students. With that, here are 10 situations perfectly described by the ever-lasting mother-daughter duo and the Stars Hollow community.

1. The first day of classes.

First day= 2 papers, 3 upcoming quizzes, and 20 homework assignments.

2. When going to the gym every day becomes such a pain and you want to give up.

Honestly, I just wanna nap instead.

3. Taking any chance you can to eat.

As a college student, you basically don't eat until dinnertime.

4. Starting on an assignment a week before it's due because you're lazy.

If I have a month before it's due, no way am I going to start it right away.

5. Your mom calling you every single minute of every single day because she misses you that much.

Okay mom, thanks for calling me every hour.

6. When you expected a better grade but it wasn't what you wanted.


7. When it's finally Friday night (or Thursday night for that matter).


8. Literally not being able to understand anything you learn in class.

I mean, we learn like, 8 chapters a day.

9. When you've eaten so much, you feel as if you gained 100 pounds in two weeks.

No, I didn't just eat that whole pizza...

10. But food basically cures any negative situation.

Breakup? Food. Feeling bad about yourself? Food. Bad grades? Even more food.