10 Tidbits, Tips, And Tricks About Being Sick In College

10 Tidbits, Tips, And Tricks About Being Sick In College

Some tips to prevent and help that nasty sickness.

Being sick is never fun, but it's even less fun when you're in college. Away from home, away from help, and you've got to get to that class. Coming from a bed-ridden, sniffly girl: here are ten little tidbits, tips, and tricks about not getting sick in college! (And what to do if you are.)

1. Don't Abuse The Excused Absences!

They look really tempting when you really don't want to get up for that eight A.M, but when you're deathly ill you're going to want to get up even less. Save the absence for a rainy day (or a sick day). Gone are the days of high school where mom could call you out and it's easy to make up work.

2. Tissues, Tissues, Tissues!

You can never have too many boxes of tissues on a regular basis, but when you're getting sick you're going to want them even more. Pick up a bunch when you feel yourself getting sniffly.

3. Hand Sanitizer is Your Best Friend

College dorms, and even apartments, are a breeding ground for germs that will get you seriously sick. Use your hand sanitizer and try to avoid touching your face and eyes! Wash your hands as much as possible without overdoing it, and don't get too near anyone who's sick. (Tip: I use Clorox wipes on everything in my room!)

4. Sleepy Time

If you don't have to be in class or go to work, take a nap. Naps are the best thing in the world. Take as many of them a day as you can. I mean this. (But don't forget your homework.)

5. Stock up on Healthy Foods and Soup

The toughest thing about being sick in college is that food is not always readily accessible. If you live in a dorm with no kitchen attached, you have to leave your room for the dining hall. Try to grab some extra bananas, apples, and other fruits and veggies to eat, and find some soup that's easy to pop in the microwave. It might not be mom's homemade chicken noodle, but it'll help.

6. Ask Your Friends For Help

I'm very fortunate to have a few really awesome friends at college, and they've helped me out a lot while I've been sick. You'll find out who your true friends are when you need them. Friends who will bring you medicine and hot tea will make you feel more at home than ever.

7. Drink Water!

Drink it. Really. A lot of it. A gallon a day. (Maybe not that much but you get my point.) And, lay off the caffeine, as if dehydrates you. That pained me to write.

8. Utilize Your School's Health Services

Thankfully I only have a bad cold, so I haven't had to visit the doctor, but if your symptoms keep getting worse and no amount of medicine is helping, so see the health center. That's what they're there for!

9. Email Your Professors

If you're going to have to skip class, the best way to mitigate an angry response is to let them know what's going on first. Most professors will understand let you know what you'll miss, and some just won't have time. Cut your losses and just let them know.

10. Try Working Out

This doesn't always work, and sometimes you just feel too terrible, but if you can muster up the energy sometimes it helps to sweat out the fever/toxins taking over your body. My go-to workout is always yoga because you can pick your own pace and focus on your breathing. Try it out!

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