21 Thoughts While Watching The GOP Debate
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21 Thoughts While Watching The GOP Debate

I wasn't the only one!

21 Thoughts While Watching The GOP Debate

Thursday night many of us tuned in to CNN and watched the GOP debate at University of Houston. This debate helps see who will be running for the Republican ticket in November. Here are 21 thoughts on the debate:

1. Is Anderson Cooper's hair dyed white?

2. Why did I force myself to watch the whole debate and not just parts of it?

3. Ben Carson is still in this? Really?

4. Interesting how Cruz shook Trump's hand, and Trump shook Rubio's hand but not the other two?

5. Is this Jeopardy? Because that's what the bell sounds like.

6. Cruz went to Second Baptist for school? Who knew?

7. Who are the "good ones?" How are you going to find the "bad ones?"


9. This is NOT a debate between five people. It's a debate between Trump, Rubio and Cruz.

10. Trump, we really don't want another war please.

11. Trump and Rubio are masters at talking over each other.

12. Fruit Salad?

13. New drinking game : every time someone interrupts someone else.

14. Carson may be very smart, but why does he talk so slow and softly?

15. Everyone looks like they are playing fruit ninja!

16. Why do Carson's hands always look like he is straining them?

17. Trump has already said he would release his tax return! Give it a rest!

18. Do Cruz and Trump agree on ANYTHING? They are in the same party but don't agree?

19. Who let Kasich and Carson in this? They just chime in every once and a while!

20. Is this thing EVER going to end?

21. I still am not sure what everyone's stance is on things because all they did was fight!

The votes are now counting! Who will you vote for?

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