10 Thoughts Every Man Has While Shopping With A Woman
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10 Thoughts Every Man Has While Shopping With A Woman

Dear men: I am sorry.

10 Thoughts Every Man Has While Shopping With A Woman
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Men seem to shop with only one objective in mind and tend to stick with that.

Let's take Bob for example. Bob has been using the same worn out wallet since high school and has finally decided to get a new one. Bob enters the store and realizes the wallet selection is towards the back. Bob then walks to the back and takes about 5 minutes to pick one he likes. It so happens that it's on sale, too. Bob is happy! He then walks over to the register, purchases the wallet, and exits. Simple.

On the other hand, his wife Sally is a different story.

Sally wants to buy a new bag because out of the 10 that she already owns, one does not "go with" her new outfit. Sally enters the mall through a big department store, browses, and actually finds a purse that actually would go well with her new outfit. Wow! That was easy, right?

Uh oh, Sally realized she was forgetting to check the price tags. The purse is out of her price range, so she places it down and tries a different store.

On her way to a different store, she spies that a jewelry kiosk is having half off on one of their selections. She stops, stares into the glass case for about 20 minutes, and purchases a few pieces. She made herself feel better by saying it will be good to wear at her friend's wedding. Her friend got engaged last week.

Long story short, after many steps calculated on her Fitbit, Sally ended up spending $200 during her mall trip.

Did she end up finding a new bag? No. She said she's trying a different location tomorrow with her husband.

Poor Bob. Imagine the pain he will be going though?

This one is for all the men out there who stick through the never-ending shopping trips with their ladies. Congrats, you're a good dude. I hope this can be some type of relatable comic-relief for you.

1. "Wait, why are we here in the first place? Didn't we just come here for shoes?"

2. "My legs are killing me."

3. "When the hell can we eat?"

4. "How can she shop for 3 hours long???"

5. "Yes, that outfit looks great on you. No, you don't look fat. No, I'm not lying??"

6. "I don't care if this store is on sale, it's still expensive either way."

7. "Does this place have a couch I can sit on??"

8. "How long does it take for a damn receipt to print?"

9. "Which store hasn't she gone in yet?"

10. "This will never end."

Thank you to the males I have asked for honest opinions; I take no offense to any of this, thanks for asking.

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