Put yourself back to the years of overreacting, useless drama and ridiculous attempts to be cool. That's right! We're going back to middle school. Whether we were pumped about meeting up with pals at the local Friendly's, or having Mrs. So-and-So drive us to the movies on a Friday night, we had some good times back in the day. The day to day routine of middle school is one that's simply too hilarious to be forgotten, so here are a few thoughts you may have had before yet another awesome day of middle school.

1. It's bull that they banned Heely's.

2. I wonder if (insert crush’s name here) will be on my team for the volleyball tournament in the gym.

3. I should probably wear a sports bra today because of gym…this whole boob thing is a new concept.

4. I don’t understand my body…I don’t even understand how to dress myself.

5. Pimples. Pimples everywhere.

6. “Mom! I need lunch money! It’s Domino’s Day today!”

7. I hope (insert name here) is over our argument yesterday...today is going to be so awkward.

8. I should prep some comebacks for that...

9. Urgh! Of course, I have an orthodontist appointment after school, as if I need this right now.

10. Whatever, I can't wait to see my squad when I get off the bus.