11 Things I Wish I Knew Heading Into College
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Student Life

11 Things I Wish I Knew Heading Into College

We think we know it all, but we're still just fumbling along.

11 Things I Wish I Knew Heading Into College
Tia Jackson

We all go into college with some ideas of what's going to happen, and think that things like the "Freshman 15", and dreaded 8 a.m.'s won't happen to us. Well you're wrong and here's why;

1. 8 a.ms are terrible, yet sometimes inevitable.

Going in to college I thought 8 a.m.'s would be fine, I mean my high school started at 7:25 and I survived perfectly fine, without coffee I might add (I was young and naive). But for some reason, my 8 a.m.'s in college were literally the most painful ways to start off a Monday morning. If you’re not a morning person, and spend your nights studying, do not take 8 a.ms!!

2. Random rooming assignments aren't always success stories.

I think I just got really unlucky, but I’m not the only person that’s had bad luck with random rooming. Just know that it’s okay not be become best friends with your roommate/s, if you do then that’s awesome, but don’t stress about it too much!!

3. Budgeting is key.

Honestly, I still need to figure out how to budget properly but going into freshman year I was clueless. Buying groceries, beauty products, food and other normal things add up quickly. So I downloaded a (free) app called Goodbudget Budget Planner, which allows me to set a budget for different categories. And remember that you most likely have a meal plan, and things like Starbucks and CFA are included in that!

4. You won't wear half of what you brought with you.

You may have won best dressed in high school, but I can almost guarantee that by October you’ll be wearing a t-shirt you picked up from the floor, and you will never go back to wearing cute dresses, and short shorts to class again. Trust me.

5. Rate My Professor is the best invention since spark notes.

I cannot express my love for this site enough. Basically, it’s a website where students from all over the US rate their professor based on toughness, grading, textbook usage and hotness (there’s a significant babe drought at my school). Read the reviews before you’re stuck with a professor that takes attendance for a grade, and has the thickest Eastern European accent you’ve ever heard.

6. Don't overbook yourself.

I love having things to do all of the time. This next year I'm taking biology and math loaded classes, staying actively involved with two charity organizations, working, and joining a sorority. That’s an extremely full calendar, but if you’re good with time management you should be ok. However, make sure you’re blocking off time for studies, because after all you’re here to learn.

7. It's okay to say no.

This goes along with the not over doing thing. College is all about taking chances, and saying yes to everything. But if you have a test the next morning, do not say yes to a random dinner invite, and don’t let your roommate convince you it’s okay to binge watch Gossip Girl because, “you got this!” Just study and celebrate when you ace that exam!

8. Study groups are grade saving.

Before a statistics test, about 4-10 people would all meet up at the library to go over any questions we have and test each other on newer material. Without those unofficial study groups, we all would’ve flunked.

9. Ramen isn't balanced and nutritious meal (say hello to the freshman 15).

Might sound obvious now, while you’re still living with your mom’s spaghetti and salad dinners, but desperate times call for desperate measures. There was a week that my roommate and I were far too busy to grocery shop and literally lived off of oatmeal and ramen noodles for a week. It’s not good for your mind or body, so don’t do it! Think of how disappointed your mom would be.

10. You will cry randomly, and it's totally okay.

I got really homesick sometimes, and would just start crying because I was fed up with being responsible 99% of the time, and cooking, cleaning and just adulting in general. But sometimes I would just get really sad, for no reason. Like once I was playing Grand Theft Auto and accidentally kicked a cat and started balling my eyes out. It happens, and it’s normal. A good crying session every now and again is therapeutic.

11. Being responsible is harder than it sounds.

These next four years are like a test run for your life. You're living alone, and you're having to cook, clean, grocery shop, do dishes, and make your own doctors appointments just like a real adult. Thankfully, most of us are entirely dependent on our parents still, so we don't need to think too hard on whether or not to spend our money on beer or school supplies.

Keep these things in mind, and have an amazing freshman year! You'll be broke, tired, hungry, and having the best year of your life.

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