10 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Down
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10 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Down

You are lovelier than you currently believe.

10 Things to Remember When You Are Feeling Down

Each of us have days where we are not feeling up to par. These are the days where we do not feel like we can lift ourselves up off the ground and, for some, it can be hard to function or socialize. There are those of us who can easily fight through this period of feeling low, but for others it is not that easy. So, for whoever may need it, here are 10 things you should remember when you are feeling down.

1. You are loved.

One of the worst things that can happen on our low days is that you may feel like no one loves you. That is the furthest thing from the truth. People do love you. This is a reminder for you. I promise you that someone loves you.

2. Those negative things that you are thinking about? No one else thinks that of you.

People may have their nasty opinions about you (it is inevitable), but I can almost guarantee that it is not near as bad as what is going through your head. You are smart. You are kind. You are wonderful. Try to remember that.

3. People are not pretending to be your friend. They like to be around you.

One of the things that I struggle with, even on my good days, is that the people around me do not actually want to be around me. Sometimes I isolate myself because I just do not feel like people actually want to be around me. I have news for both of us: our true friends are not pretending (there is at least one true friend). I am lucky enough to know a select few people who are going to always be there because they want to and because they like me--I promise you have some people like that around you as well.

4. You are capable of doing everything you strive to.

On a bad day you may feel like you are not capable of anything. You may feel as though you have no true purpose and that you are wasting your time: you are not. Whether you are in school, working, doing service work, or just trying to figure it out, you are not wasting your time and you are going to reach your dreams. Maybe you do not have a dream yet. That is OK. You will have one at some point, and you will reach it.

5. Hey, you are beautiful.

This one is pretty simple. You are beautiful no matter what is going through your head.

6. You are strong.

You have made it this far and through other bad days. You can make it through this one. You are strong enough.

7. I believe in you.

You may not believe in you and may think that no one else does, but I do. I believe in your strength and your capability. I know you can do this.

8. You can fix anything you may have made a mistake on. A mistake does not make you anything.

To quote Hannah Montana, "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days." You and I both have them too. That mistake does not define you. You are worth so much more than the one thing you might have done wrong. Guess what? You can fix it. You can observe the situation and fix what it is you may have messed up.

9. You are worthy.

You are worthy no matter your mistake, no matter what you feel, and no matter what someone says to you. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of success. You are worthy of compassion.

10. If it feels like no one cares and you cannot convince yourself otherwise: I care about you.

I may be just one person, but I am one person who cares about you and who believes in you. There are plenty more where I came from. You are not alone, and you are a lovely person. Please remember that.

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