This time of year is what people like to call the beginning of "cabin fever". If you don't like the winter and some of its activities, then you are stuck inside trying not to freeze and watching some Netflix. Instead of being miserable and stuck in the hole of watching show after show, try to do something productive! Movies and shows are okay for a few days, but you need to get off that couch and do something besides just staring aimlessly at the television. You may not be keen on all of the ideas, but I dare you to try just a few. You may even feel better after and get rid of that so called "cabin fever". There is an end to winter, you just have to get through it, and these will help!

1. Find a new recipe to make.

A breakfast quiche, a new soup, cake, cookies? Try that recipe you've always been wanting to or find a new one. It may not turn out great, but you can tell if its something to take a shot at again or one to not keep in the books.

2. Do a DIY craft.

You know you have see multiple posts across your Facebook feed and Pinterest. You've thought about making it before, but figured it may be a little too difficult. Instead of just watching tv, go for it and start crafting. If it doesn't turn out as planned, at least you had fun while trying it out.

3. Play a board game.

These have gone out of style a little bit, but I think they are a great way to pass the time with friends and family. Nothing like a little competitive fun to get you out of that winter funk, am I right?

4. Grab a friend and workout.

Don't shoot me down just yet. Working out may be a drag, but doing it with a friend can make everything better. Try a new class: spin, yoga, Zumba? If classes aren't your thing you can even try a workout of your own right in the comfort of your home.

5. Clean!

Cleaning, I know, boring. But what better time to do it than when you're stuck inside! Start small, go through old files and papers and see what you need to keep and what can go. Go through the small boxes and trinkets, then move along to your clothes and shoes. From there the possibilities are endless, dust, vacuum, rearrange the furniture?

6. Get out and volunteer.

Especially this time of year, there are many opportunities to lend a helping hand. Look up your local food pantry where you can deliver food to, or even help serve meals. If that doesn't interest you, find some old things you no longer need and do a delivery run to Goodwill.

7. Plan a trip for when the weather gets better.

Nothing is better than looking at warm places to go when it is freezing outside. Plan a mini vacation or make a list of things you want to do when the weather is a tad warmer.

8. Read a book or magazine.

This one doesn't require too much effort, but it is a little better than just hanging around watching movies all day! Start a new book and set a goal to finish it. Breeze through a couple of your favorite magazines if you want a lighter read.

9. Make a scrapbook.

Now a days, we all keep our photos on our phone and rarely ever print them. What happened to enjoying flipping through a photo book and hanging pictures on the wall? Go print off your favorite pictures at your local drugstore and start crafting away with them. Put all your favorite memories in one place.

10. Go on an unplanned adventure.

If the weather is good, grab your car and go! So many people never realize how great their area is. Be a tourist in your own town and find some hidden gems.