Everyday, I wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day. Sometimes, however, I think about how much my mother has actually done for me. She is the one person that I should thank for making me the way I am, and for dealing with me when I'm probably the worst human being on planet Earth. So, even if these aren't reasons to thank your mom, think of a different set of reasons. All moms are pretty great in their own special way.

10. You taught me that a dog is a better best friend than any human.

Thank you for keeping a dog in my life when I needed it most. I always noticed your love for dogs, and I know that it rubbed off on me. I’ve seen you at your worst, but with a dog, you were perfectly content with any situation. I know now that any dog that we may have will always listen to my problems, make me laugh (by accident), and be the best friend that I may never have anywhere else.

9. You aren’t afraid to sing at the top of your lungs with me.

Thank you for driving around with me and listening to my music blast through my speakers. I’m grateful that you aren’t afraid to scream “Men and Mascara” by Julie Roberts with me when my heart felt like shattered glass. For some reason, we’ve always found screaming our feelings through a song very therapeutic.

8. You tell me when I’m doing something really stupid.

Thank you for stepping in my way when you know I’m going to end up regretting it in the end. I may get mad at you for some of it because I think that I’m right, but I’m glad that you stick your ground just long enough to watch me make the right decision. Who knows where I would be had I made just a few of those wrong choices.

7. You’re the one that I can turn to.

Thank you for always being there when I’m down on myself. Thank you for being my should to cry on after making a bad decision, after you advice to choose something else, and never saying “I told you so.” (Even though I know you wanted to). I now know that, no matter how much I mess up, you will always be there like a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

6. If I hate them, then you hate them too.

Thank you for taking my side in the drama that I subjected myself to. Thank you for listening to my complaints about the people I was forced to see everyday, and for keeping me calm when I felt like I could hit someone. Thank you for hating the same people that I hated. I always knew we thought alike.

5. You know what I’m feeling, when I’m feeling it, and why I feel it.

Thank you for being able to read my mind, especially when it came to any kind of relationship that I’ve ever had. I’m grateful for being able to walk in with that look on my face, and you know exactly what is going on in my head. Thank you for telling me that it’s okay to express my feelings, and for leaving something alone when I don’t want to talk about it.

4. You taught me that it’s okay to be different.

Thank you for always telling me to go left when everyone else went right. Thank you for being your weird self, and loving Disney almost as much as I do. You constantly tell me to go my own way, and to never worry about what anyone else may be doing. Even now, I have trouble walking down my own path because of the way my friends walk down their paths. But, I know that you’d probably kill me if I ever came out normal like the rest of them.

3. You’re my #1 fan.

Thank you for being at every game, meet, competition, show, and recital that you could possibly be at. You’ve always encouraged me to follow my dreams, no matter where it may take me one day. I appreciate every piece of advice that you’ve ever given me about getting older and going college (even when I didn’t want to listen to it). Thank you for telling me I was the best in that show, even though you’re my mom and have to be biased. Thank you for telling me when I could do better, and for helping me pick up the pieces when I failed again. But most of all, thank you for supporting me and making sure I knew that I would never fail you.

2. You’re the bestest friend that I’ve ever had.

Thank you for being my best friend when I needed you the most. Thank you for wiping my tears when he broke my heart, and for being as happy as I was when I got the leading role in a musical. Thank you for being my right-hand man, and telling me that I deserve better than that jerk who left me for her. I appreciate all of our dinner and movie dates, which usually ended in laughter and music.

1. You’re the greatest mom a girl could ever ask for.

Lastly, thank you for birthing me (I know that it couldn't have been easy). Thank you for being my mom, even when you could probably kill me sometimes. Thank you for being my inspiration, my shoulder to cry on, and the person that I will always love unconditionally. Thank you for laughing uncontrollably with/at me and for going on adventures with me. But most importantly, thank you for doing your best to take care of me. I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with, but I’m glad that you’ve put up with me for as long as you have.