I cannot help how I look; I was born this way. And quite frankly, it is annoying how much crap I get for being tall and skinny. People tend to think that skinny girls do not get body shamed, but oh believe me... we do. Here are 10 things "skinny" girls are tired of hearing:

1. "Wow it must be nice not to exercise."

That's funny, because I workout almost every day. Just because I have always been skinny does not mean that I sit around eating potato chips all day; working out is good for you.

2. "Guys love girls with curves."

Not all men are the same. When someone finds the right guy, he will love them for how they are, not for how their body looks.

3. "Do you ever eat?"

I cannot tell you how much I have gotten this over the years. Yes I eat, how else would I stay alive? Also to the people who would ask my parents if they ever fed me, screw off.

4. Being told I have "chicken legs"

Yes my legs are long and skinny... so? Some people would do anything to have my long legs, I appreciate them, even if they are skinny.

5. "You should try modeling."

Wait... why? Because I'm skinny? Oh yeah, because that is not body shaming all of the other girls who come in different shapes and sizes.

6. "It's not fair that you're so skinny."


7. "Oh my gosh, you have no room to complain about your body."

I don't think that people understand how it feels to be "skinny" in a world that is attracted more to those who have more "meat" on their bones. I would say I have more insecurities about my body because I am skinny.

8. "It must be nice to wear anything."

Yeah maybe it is... for someone else. I actually cannot fit nicely into half of the clothes I want to. Pants shopping? That's harder than it looks. If it fits on the legs, it does not fit on the butt. If it fits on the butt, they're too short on the legs. Shopping is more of a hassle than you may think.

9. "Where does all of the junk that you eat go?"

Where it goes with everyone else...

10. "You probably don't have to worry about dieting."

No, I don't. But that does not mean that I won't eat healthy to make sure my body is healthy.

All in all, lets just be nice to one another. Just because someone is skinny, does not mean they are full of themselves. I cannot control how skinny I am, and to be honest, I have more insecurities about my body than most people may realize. Remember this next time you are thinking about body shaming someone who is known as "skinny."