10 Gifts You Should Get Your English Major For The Holidays
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10 Gifts You Should Get Your English Major For The Holidays

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them". -Lemony Snicket.

10 Gifts You Should Get Your English Major For The Holidays
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1. Always check the New York Times Bestseller list

They have the most current novels that everyone is reading. Although if your English major is a niche reader like I am (specifically science fiction is my jam) then ask them what's on their list. Chances are, they will throw so many titles at you you won't know which ones they want the most! Right now, the top of the Bestseller list includes Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, and What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan.

2. Barnes and Noble have really fancy notebooks

Whether your English major is using them for their neverending to-do lists, blurbs for possible short stories, poetry, or what have you-- B-and-N has beautiful journals (yeah, leave it to an English major to call a journal beautiful).

But seriously, they have some lovely leather bound ones, you know, if your English major is the Dead Poet's Society kind.

There's also some chic Kate Spade ones, and paperblanks that look like legit spell books.

3. Starbucks gift cards are always good

You know what's always in a Barnes and Noble? That's right, Starbucks! The one near my campus even sells PIZZA. You seriously can't go wrong with a gift card to good ol' Starbucks.

4. Kick back in a bubble bath after a long day with your favorite book thanks to this cool thing-- whatever it's called.

It's a bath book caddy from Bathforia. It's made from bamboo and as you can see, it has a nifty lil' spot for your wine. Or in my case, a wine case with ginger ale (being under 21 sucks).

5. For the older English Majors, find the perfect combo of literary characters and alcohol

Tequila Mockingbird by Tim Federle is a cocktail book with 65 cute literary themed drinks based on novels like Fahrenheit 451, Moby Dick, and obviously, To Kill a Mockingbird.

6. If you find yourself breathing easier in a library, there's book scented candles

FrostBeard Studio has found a way to bottle the beautiful scent of old books in their Book Lovers' Soy Candle.

If your English major wants a more specific scent, Callie Meaney has a line of candles called "From the Page", they're handmade soy candles, similar to FrostBeard, but these are based off the scents of Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, and Price and Prejudice.

7. If you really like this person, drop some dough and get them an e-reader

E-readers are expensive. So make sure you love this person a lot before considering this option. Amazon makes the Kindle, which can range from $80 to $280, depending on the versions you think your English major would like the most.

Barnes and Noble have the Nook, which is a significantly cheaper option at only $50.

8. The gift that keeps on giving-- monthly book subscriptions

Now these are seriously awesome. Even though your English major probably has piles of books and articles to read, they always make time to read for pleasure. They come in the mail and, depending on the one you pick for your English major, they would receive a few books, every month or so and maybe even some literature-related goodies.

My Favorites include Savor the Dark Book Club and The Book(ish) Box.

Savor the Dark Book Club sends out signed copies of popular books and Ghirardelli chocolates! It's only $40 a month, which seems steep but compared to others (which can easily be $75) it's actually a steal.

The Book(ish) Box doesn't really send books, more so literary themed home and fashion goods. They send a shirt in every package as well as other goodies. It's perfect for an English majors that just got an apartment!

9. Most readers are also writers. In my own experience, English majors love to write-- they often are just suffering from our good ol' friend, writer's block. Luckily, there's books to fix that.

642 Things To Write About By San Francisco Writers' Grotto has gotten me out of quite a few ruts after receiving it for my birthday from a dear high school friend. It's full of witty and quirky writing prompts to get your English major's gears turning

Ready. Set. Novel! Plan and Plot Your Upcoming Masterpiece is a workbook that takes your English major through every step of the creation of their first novel. It starts with developing the idea, then extends to character creation and Q&A's, to plot developments. I know that as soon as that christmas bacon starts coming in I'm getting my hands on a copy of this!

10. And of course finals can stress all us students out-- sometimes we just want a drink! Discreetly, obviously.

(But not me, duh. We already stated I'm under 21.)

SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book Hidden Flask Diversion Safe is hidden in a used book, flask is included, and it's wrapped up proper prohibition style.

This is more of a gag gift than something serious-- unless your English major is pulling some tortured-drunk-writer-vibes like Jack Torrance from The Shining.
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