10 Things People With Siblings Understand

10 Things People With Siblings Understand

Because who doesn't love when their siblings eat their food?

Faith Rush

Growing up with siblings is one of the best learning experiences. Whether you have one, or in my case two (an older brother and older sister), having siblings is a blessing and a curse. Some days you love them when they want to take you to Chickfila, other days you want to rip their head off when they eat the food you've been waiting to eat for all day. Nonetheless, you know life wouldn't be the same without them. If you have siblings, you definitely can relate to these ten things.

1. Leaving juice or milk in the container with a sip left

Now, there are two sides to this, and I can admit I have been on both. There's the side in which you are the one who leaves the sip of milk left and the side in which you want milk or juice and there is none left to do anything with. As annoying as this may be, my rationale was "hey you never know who might have wanted it." However, after being on the receiving side of the situation, I definitely wanted more than a sip to have a full bowl of cereal.

2. You have to write your name on ANYTHING that is yours

Food is a precious commodity that you must savor and hold on to with your life when you have siblings. Whether they still live at home, or they are coming to visit, they are going to want food. If you have food you love, you better write your name on it or keep it in your room because it will disappear by the time you actually want it. I have had many incidents of my Pop-Tarts and popcorn being eaten because I decided to leave it in the pantry. Even writing your name on it doesn't work because hey "it was in there so I thought it was for everyone.."

3. Sharing the bathroom

It's always the worst when you are about to take a shower and you hear a knock on the door and someone is yelling "HEY! I need to use the bathroom!" Then you have to leave the bathroom, turn the shower off, and wait for them to use the restroom. By the time all of that happened, your favorite song on your playlist has ended and you have to start it all over again.

4. Fighting for what show to watch

If you're like me, and you have siblings who like to watch the same things as you do, this really isn't that much of a problem. However, it can turn into the Civil War when someone doesn't want to sacrifice Thursdays at 9 pm to watch "Scandal" (me).

5. Jealousy x10

Fighting for your parent's love and approval is just a way of life when you have siblings. It can be over something as trivial as who decided to wash the dishes that night or who actually made up their bed in the morning.There can only be one favorite, and between me and my siblings, I can say with confidence, I am the favorite.

6. Watching cool TV shows

Being the youngest sibling, my parents monitored what I could and couldn't watch around my older siblings. However, if it wasn't for my older siblings, I wouldn't have been able to fall in love with "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Martin."

7. Having to know everything about your siblings

My older brother (pictured in the cover photo) and I are four years apart. During high school, this was the absolute worst. Everyone would always ask me "Oh how's Donald doing? How old is he now?" or my personal favorite "How old is Nikki?" Sometimes I don't even know how old I am if we are being completely honest. Having to be the all knowing sibling gets to be very difficult.

8. The youngest always being the favored

Going back to being the favorite sibling... I rest my case.

9. Having inside jokes

This establishes the ultimate bond between siblings. Whether it is some weird second language you've created or something funny saying from an experience you have all had, an inside joke keeps the sibling bond stronger than anything else.

10. Best friends for life

No matter what happens, your siblings will never leave your side and you're best friends for life. Even if you want to rip their heads off sometimes, you still love them no matter what, and you know deep down inside they love you too. How else would you have a squad as lit and mine and my sister's? (me and my amazing older sister pictured below)

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