It's finally that time again where massive amounts of snow cover the states among the East coast and plenty of children get school delays and cancellations. That might sound great to a young kid, but winter is an absolute nightmare for adults. In no particular order, here are ten items that most adults can relate to.

10. The ice

The lovely slippy-slidy stuff that little kids like to skate on is the stuff of nightmares. Trying to not fall on your rear-end every five seconds is bad enough let alone trying not fall on an area where no salt has been put down to prevent falling in the first place.

9. The bitter cold weather

First you realize it's going to be freezing outside so you layer your scarves, pants, sweaters, and even coats only to arrive to your destination feeling as if it's summer time outside because all of the layers warmed you up. It's a lose-lose situation.

8. Traffic buildups

Chances are if you live in a populated area where snow falls during wintertime, then you'll probably get stuck at one morning or another in the infamous winter traffic jams. Road rage is bound to ensue.

7. Starting the car.

Any adult in the work industry knows the struggle that is trying to heat up their car in the winter time whilst in the freezing cold.

6. Buying salt.

To go along with the ice, people tend to have to buy salt to make sure they fall on their own driveways and walkways. Also, laying down salt is a great way to make sure not to end up with an impending lawsuit!

5. Seasonal foods

If you're someone with a sweet tooth for a certain fruit, vegetable, or even type of meat, then you know the struggle of only being able to obtain that item at your local grocery store when the holidays come around. Peppermint candy canes and eggnog are just some of those limited luxuries.

4. Walking

Now especially for college students, this is incredibly relatable. Having to brace the freezing cold temperatures while carrying a backpack and simultaneously wearing every article of clothing that you own just to stay warm until you make it to class, is enough to drive any student absolutely crazy this season.

3. Power outages

Every grown-up in this world hates getting a phone call early in the morning from their power company stating that there's a line down somewhere and power won't be turned on for however many hours. You never realize how much you rely on technology to help someone get up in the morning until there's no access to it.

2. Stocking up on food

Now there's stocking up on food that you actually need and then there's the psycho people who savage the super markets buying bread and everything in sight just to buy it incase there's an apocalypse going to occur when the snow falls. The aisles of empty shelves leaves little for sane people to choose from.

1. Being snowed in

Now a lot of people might think having a snow day in wonderful, but when you're an adult trying to make money, a snow day can often mean less to receive in pay day. Plus, someone who likes to be outside of the house is inevitably stuck with whomever they live with and there's a possibly that person is someone who is absolutely despised by the person who got snowed in.