10 Things Only Millennials In The Livestock Industry Can Relate To
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10 Things Only Millennials In The Livestock Industry Can Relate To

Spoiler: We are NOT always right.

10 Things Only Millennials In The Livestock Industry Can Relate To
Dalle Rutledge

Did you know that only 2 percent of the world's labor is agriculture? And even less of that is people under 40? We are few but we are fierce.

Cowboys can't be a dying breed, not if some of us have anything to say about it. Us 'young'ins' have a unique experience out here producing food for the world, and I'm here to share part of with you.

So here are 10 things Millennials in the livestock industry can relate to:

1. Initially, we think we are always right.

This is a tough one to admit, but you know its true. We say something or make a decision and want it to be correct and fight tooth and nail to prove that we are right.

2. We definitely are not always right.

There's a reason that these old men and women are still ranching after all these years. They usually know what the hell they are talking about, and even if they don't they've made it so it's halfway function. Sometimes, we just have to admit we're wrong and take our metaphorical whipping.

3. Times may have changed, but your boss hasn't.

We've all been there. New technology, ideas, and methods have surfaced but that doesn't mean that your boss knows or cares. Sometimes, the old methods are better anyways, and sometimes you're screwed.

4. Your college education doesn't mean jack shit.

I myself found my ag education helpful, but not necessary. And half the employers out there feel the same, you learn more from experience in this field.

5. It's a lot cooler if there are pictures.

We appreciate the photographers at brandings and shows, and we realize that our jobs hold some of the coolest photo opportunities. Hashtag blessed.

6. We're always culling out the wannabes.

So apparently, being a cowboy or anything else ag related is super cool these days and that leads to a lot of people who have no business in this business being all up in our business.

7. We will always be called "kid, son, or girl."

Doesn't matter who we work for, you're younger and therefore a kid. You can be the handiest son of a gun in the country and you are still a damn kid. We're used to it.

8. We are the future of this industry and therefore must advocate to keep it alive.

There are organizations out there trying to shut down the livestock industry forever. It is up to us in the next century to keep it going. We have to speak out.

9. We are always learning.

I worked for a lady once who told me to "Never stop learning." And boy was she right., in this industry things are always changing and you should be fluid in every method possible. Learn from the livestock, other people, technology, and your own mistakes.

10. It's not much of a living, but it's a hell of a life.

About 90 percent of us will never strike gold in this industry. We won't be recognized or rich, but we will be wealthy with knowledge and blessings. This life is the only way to go for us. And we are lucky to be a part of the things we are.

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