10 Things L.A. County Residents Can Relate To
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10 Things L.A. County Residents Can Relate To

10 million residents, but we all have these 10 things in common.

10 Things L.A. County Residents Can Relate To

Los Angeles: the county of crazy paparazzi, tacos and the Dodgers. Thousands of people every week visit the county of Los Angeles in California for business opportunities, concerts, or a new start. But after living in LA County for 18 years and living in a new area over 300 miles away, I discovered how distinct Los Angeles natives are. There are just some experiences every Los Angeles citizen understands and relates to. Here’s a look at 10 of these experiences.

1. You owned an annual Disneyland pass at least once in your life.

Technically speaking, the "happiest place on Earth" is located in Orange County, just southeast of Los Angeles County. Yet when it comes to turkey legs and endless photo ops with beloved princesses, most LA residents don't mind the hour-long drive (or the ridiculous ticket prices.)

2. You sport weird tan lines due to excessive time at the beach.

Everyone knows that Southern California beaches are famous for their great surf, food and entertainment. From Hermosa to Santa Monica, LA County residents spend an endless amount of hours under the sun by the sea. Unfortunately most of us wind up with awkward tan lines all the way into the winter months.

3. You create ways to keep busy while stuck in traffic.

California freeways are notoriously known for crazy car accidents and rush hour traffic. Anything can occur when you're in the car on your way to work, school, or a party. Carpool karaoke, license plate games and random break checks always keep LA drivers entertained during bumper to bumper traffic.

4. Concerts, games and show tickets are at your fingertips.

From headlining artists like Drake to the renowned Dodgers baseball team, Los Angeles natives have dozens of opportunities every weekend to see their favorite artists, athletes, or celebrities. Whether you're a kid or a budget-conscious college student, LA citizens go down to Staples Center or the Forum to attend any event that fits their needs.

5. Your body handles any type of food.

Burritos, ramen, and falafel -- oh my! Los Angeles residents span from Caucasian to Filipino to African to Latino. One of the best parts about this fusion of cultures? Food. Los Angeles natives become more tolerant of the spicy, crunchy and rich grub from the streets of their county.

6. You are familiar with the melting pot culture.

Unlike many counties across the country, Los Angeles is known for its variety of people from different cultures, races, religions and sexual orientations. People of Los Angeles are much more aware of different people and know how to respectfully coexist with other citizens.

7. You prepare for heat in the winter.

Many other counties in California experience four-season weather. Los Angeles, on the other hand, does not. Los Angeles residents may not plan on building snowmen or creating snow angels, but at least we can still work out those awkward tan lines from the summer.

8. You get excited when you see skylines without smog.

This may sound absurd, but to a Los Angeles native, this is so important. Due to the unfortunate amount of air pollution and the smoke caused by the recent fires in this county, residents rarely experience the city views without a massive cloud of smog and smoke. On the bright side, LA locals truly appreciate clean air and smog-free views.

9. You spotted at least one filming set or celebrity.

In my 18 years of living in Los Angeles, I've ran into stars such as David Henrie, Jesse McCartney and Miley Cyrus. Not only is Los Angeles a prime spot for celebrity sightings, but also an elite area for directors and producers to film their commercials, shows, or movies. Most inhabitants of Los Angeles have at least one crazy fangirl story to share.

10. People automatically assume you live in downtown Los Angeles.

Yes, there are other cities besides Los Angeles in the county of Los Angeles. Although Los Angeles is the largest city, there are 88 other incorporated cities in the entire area. In fact, many will tell you how much better it is to reside outside of the big city.

So, to my fellow Los Angeles friends, I hope this sparked a feeling of nostalgia and community. To those from outside of Los Angeles, I hope each of you have a friend from LA because we are the best type of people to have around. We have connections to the trendiest ethnic food spots, tickets for your favorite events, and do it all while rocking oddly placed tan lines. Seriously, our tan lines are just as cool as our carpool karaoke skills.

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