10 Things I'd Rather See Than the Patriots Win Super Bowl 52

10 Things I'd Rather See Than the Patriots Win Super Bowl 52


As we're nearing Super Bowl 52, and the reigning champs New England Patriots once again reigning the AFC East, and the AFC in general, it got me thinking. During a boring night of work, I started writing down things I would rather see come February 4th than the cheater Tom Brady and his enabler Bill Belichick win back-to-back, ring number six in Minnesota. I can't imagine a team I'd hate more than the Cheatriots to win on my beloved Minnesota Vikings turf. Some of these silly, some serious, but all in good fun.

1. Janet Jackson surprise Justin Timberlake during his halftime performance and pull his pants down (wishful thinking?)

2. Rob Gronkowski trying to read Moby Dick, or Shakespeare, out loud

3. The New York Jets infamous 'butt fumble' on a four hour loop

4. Marshawn Lynch eating as many Skittles as it takes him to throw up

5. A Cleveland Browns/San Francisco 49'ers/New York Jets/Indianapolis Colts four way game to officially crown the worst team in the NFL

6. Troy Aikman call game seven of the World Series

7. Brett Favre announce he's coming out of retirement again

8. Tony Romo call an NHL game (no disrespect, I hated him as a player but love him as an announcer, but I doubt he knows nearly half the amount of hockey knowledge as he does football, so I imagine it would be a lot of stumbling, incorrect information or silence)

9. Roger Goodell alone on the field while all the players he's screwed over pelt him with paint balls (I feel like I could get a lot of players on board with this)

10. Literally any other team (except the Packers or Cowboys) winning Super Bowl 52.


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