Ten Things That Happen When You Have A Guy Best Friend

Ten Things That Happen When You Have A Guy Best Friend

There is nothing quite like having a guy best friend.


I've had a lot of best friend relationships in my life. Whether we just drifted apart or they ended in screaming matches, none of them seemed to work out in my favor. However, when I got to college, I was introduced to a guy who loved theatre, was passionate about memes and "Big Brother" and seemed to have the same stupid sense of humor I did. In just a short time, we became inseparable. Our relationship is more like brother and sister than just best friends. Over the last six months, I've come to realize a few things that happen when your best friend is a guy.

1. There will be people who will assume you are more than just friends.

Whether it's your other friends, classmates, professors or whoever, you will eventually hear the phrase, "Oh, I thought maybe you guys were a thing." There is nothing more cringe-worthy than hearing that phrase because once you've reached that best friend level, you feel a lot more like brother and sister than friends.

2. He will always be down for ordering food. Always.

One of the biggest benefits of having a guy best friend is that chances are he's going to be down to get delivery anytime. Sometimes all you need is to chill out, order food, and watch ridiculous YouTube videos until 2 a.m.

3. Sometimes you'll feel like his mom.

Even if he's the more responsible one, you'll still find yourself asking him about whether or not he handed something in on time, making sure he gets back to his room safely after a night of being out or even bringing him to get his haircut. Even if your own life is a disorganized mess, you'll still be checking in on him.

4. You'll start to constantly notice girls who are his type to point out to him.

If he's anything like my best friend, he will have a specific type of girl that he tends to go for. You'll become so accustomed to it that you'll start noticing girls who fit the type. You'll be pointing girls out to him and telling him to go for it before he even has noticed them. Eventually, he'll pick up on your type and will be doing the same for you.

5. You will find yourself in the "wingman" role.

Let's be real. A wingwoman is far superior to a wingman. You're going to find yourself more than ready to embrace this role because who knows how great your best friend is better than you? That's right, no one. You'll be talking him up to girls and helping him craft messages on Tinder before you even know what you're doing.

6. There will be times when you are "one of the guys." Embrace it.

I've always cringed at the term "one of the guys." It's always come across as kind of dumb, in my opinion. However, I cannot think of a better way to describe what has become of me when I find myself in some pretty testosterone-driven conversations between him and his housemates. It's weird at first but embrace it. I have come to love being a "lady bro."

7. If you get mad at each other, it won't last longer than twenty minutes.

Fights between two girls can be pretty brutal. I've been a part of arguments that get drawn out for days, weeks and sometimes, even months. One of the best parts of having your best friend be a guy is if you get mad at each other, it blows over almost instantly. For whatever reason, you'll find it impossible to stay angry with him and you'll be back to laughing together in twenty minutes tops.

8. You'll show affection through sarcasm.

I think I tell my best friend that I hate him about a million times a day, even though that couldn't be further from the truth. If your best friend is a guy, you'll probably show your love for each other through sarcastic comments and dumb jokes. Nothing says "I love you and you're my best friend" quite like "You're a butthead."

9. You'll always be on his side, no matter what.

This applies to most best friends, but it's still definitely true. Whether he said something dumb to make someone mad or someone did something to hurt him, you'll always be there on his side, ready to fight and defend him to anyone whether he likes it or not.

10. It'll be the best friendship you'll ever have.

Guys handle some things differently than girls and friendships are no exception. Sure, when you're upset he might not know the most comforting words, but you can bet he'll know exactly what joke to say to make you laugh. He'll send you dumb memes to make you die laughing in class or drive to Walmart with you at 3 a.m. singing show tunes the whole way. He'll be the one who's there when you just need to rant to someone. You'll create dozens of stupid little inside jokes and you'll always have someone to take part in your shenanigans.

It's pretty different sometimes, having a guy best friend. Make sure you take the time to drop the sarcastic remarks and witty comments, only for just a moment, and thank him for being there through all the grumpy moods and random moments of crying. Thank him for always making you laugh and for forgiving you when you're being kind of crazy. Make sure he knows that he is the best friend you could ever ask for and you wouldn't trade him for anyone else. Then, you should probably go back to calling him a butthead.

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