10 Things That Happen During Long-Distance Friendships

10 Things That Happen During Long-Distance Friendships

We can't stay home forever, and neither do our friends.


My junior year of high school, I moved from New Jersey to Florida. From this, I learned to be very good at managing long-distance friendships; few of my friendships deteriorated once I came to college, because the majority of them had already been long-distance.

However, many college freshmen have never experienced living so far from people that they were used to seeing everyday, and don't know how to feel when they can't just drop by their best friend's house because they're living in another state now.

1. Having deep talks about never growing apart.

The last thing anyone wants to do is not speak to someone anymore because they don't see each other everyday. We all promise each other that we will never stop speaking.

2. ...But sometimes you do.

As much as it may hurt, sometimes people grow in different ways than each other, and the strength of a friendship that was once there isn't any longer. It doesn't mean you don't still love each other, and who knows? One day you may come back around.

3. Making plans to see each other during breaks.

The best part of any break from school is going home at the same time as your friends and being able to go back to all the shenanigans you created in high school.

4. Sometimes you don't talk for awhile- and that's okay.

The best part of long-distance friendships is that you can go weeks without talking and when you pick back up, it's like nothing changed.

5. FaceTime.

FaceTime has become my most important tool since being far away from my friends. It helps to be able to see their face, even if you can't physically be with them.

6. Introducing your friends to your college friends.

I love making all my friends friends with each other, so why not introduce my home best friends to my new best friends?

7. Learning about their new lives.

You have a brand new life in college- and so do your friends! Hearing all the new drama that happens in their friend groups is an important part of a long-distance friendship.

8. Visiting your friends

My best friend goes to FGCU in Fort Myers, which is about an hour away from me, and I have gone to visit twice. Seeing the new college campuses is super fun because it's so different than my own.

9. Having your friends visit you.

My best friends from New Jersey have come to visit me a few times this year, and I love showing them my new little home.

10. Knowing that you still love each other no matter what.

No matter how far you are from each other, you still have each other's backs.

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