Fall semester is almost finally over. The past three and a half months have dragged on and all you want to do is go home. You’re tired of only eating ramen, attempting to learn calculus and most importantly, you miss your dog. Four more weeks and you’ll finally be out of your college town which seems to get smaller every day. For the past month, you have been making a mental list of all the places you go and the things you will do once you return home for the beloved winter break.

1. Sleep For Days

You just spent the past two weeks at the library studying nonstop. The only thing you can think about is the abundance of naps you will be taking over break.

2. Work Or Beg Your Parents For Money

You spent your last $20 on gas to get home and you haven't eaten a real meal in weeks. Either you will have to find a place to work part-time or beg your parents to replenish your bank account.

3. Hangout With Your Best Friends

Your hometown best friends aren't like any of your other friends. They know every little detail about your life and still choose to stick around during the bad and good times. Over winter break you can't wait to spend hours talking to them about all the things you did this past semester.

4. Eat Home Cooked Food

Chances are you haven't eaten a real meal in months. You have been surviving on granola bars and all you can think about is the homemade food you are going to devour over winter break.

5. Avoid Any Questions About School

They follow you everywhere. The questions about your major, GPA, and which classes you're taking in the spring. You've answered them a thousand times and you're over it. You can see the questions coming from a mile away and your avoid them at all costs.

6. Internet Stalk Your College Friends

You can't help it. You miss your college friends more than anything and you need to know everything. Are they hanging out with their ex-boyfriends? Did they go skiing in Montana? Are they being boring like you and just watching Netflix? Whatever they are doing you will find out.

7. Binge Watch Netflix

For the past month, you have barely had enough time to breath let alone watch Netflix. But now it is time to curl up in bed and binge watch your favorite shows.

8. Maybe Hit The Gym?

Over the course of the semester, you only hit the gym three times and your summer body is long gone. You know that over break you will at least have to consider going for a run.

9. Go To Your Favorite Restaurants

You have had a list of places to eat at back home since the middle of September. And your first question when you finally arrive home for break will undoubtfully be, "When are we going to eat at (insert your favorite restaurant)?"

10. Spend Time With Your Family

They may drive you absolutely crazy but at the end of the day, you can't wait to hang out with them over winter break.