10 Things Bored College Girls Do In Class Besides Learn

10 Things Bored College Girls Do In Class Besides Learn

When does this class get out? What are we learning, again?

1. Instagram

Like... like... like...ew who is that...like... like ...like

2. Shop Online

Ooh, that's cute and I need something to wear to the game this weekend. I wonder if Free People is having a sale yet.

3. Facebook

Why do I keep getting so many notifications from this old people website?

4. Other Homework

Crap I forgot I have Webassign due in an hour.

5. Think About Bad Life Choices

Why am I not paying attention in class right now? Why did I text that guy last night, he's not even that cute? What is my professor talking about?

6. Eat Snacks

I'm so bored, when's lunch?

7. Stare Into Space

*Crickets* *Drool*

8. Think About What You're Doing That Night

Julia said she wants to go to wine Wednesday but I really need to fake tan tonight. I'll text Allie and see what she thinks.

9. Look Around For Hot Guys

Ooh, that guy is cute I wonder what Fraternity he's in.

10. Try To Act Like You Were Paying Attention When The Teacher Asks You A Question

Uhhhh, sorry what did you say? I was planning my future wedding on Pinterest.

Cover Image Credit: Melyserna / Pixabay

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5 Things People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing

No, we do not get tattoos to please you.

I've had a tattoo for a few months now and these are just a few of the things I've heard while having it. No, my tattoo isn't big or showy but it has a very special meaning to me. You should not judge someone because they have tattoos even if it's just one.

Please keep in mind that we are humans with emotions and you degrading us for having tattoos is very hurtful and is not appreciated.

1. "Did it hurt?"

No, having a needle repeatedly stabbed into my skin doesn't hurt at all.
It truly depends on the person and their pain tolerance. I personally only felt pain in a few places.

2. "How does your mom feel about it?"

Considering my mother and I have the same tattoo and she was there when I got it, she doesn't care.

3. "If you're a Christian, why'd you get a tattoo?"

Because I can. God doesn't condemn you for having tattoos. It was in memory of my father. Please. Stop. Judging. Me.

4. "You'll never get a job with tattoos."

The tattoo I have and future tattoos I plan to have are all in places that can be easily covered and hidden for that specific purpose.

5. "It's so tacky."

No, it isn't tacky. MY tattoo was MY choice. Like I said above, it was in memory of my father. I didn't get it to please you.

A few others that were not mentioned but are still valid are:

"It was a waste of money."

"You should've reconsidered placement, design, size, etc."

"You really want more?"

"No offense, but it looks bad."

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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40 Ways College Girls Can Put Themselves 'First' During Second Semester

Love yourself a little more.

Whether your first semester of college was the best (or worst) you've ever had, there's always room for some sort of improvement.

Here are 40 pieces of advice we should all try to follow throughout the second semester.

1. Put yourself first

2. Read more

3. Meditate

4. Drink more tea

5. Take baths

6. Deep condition your hair more often

7. Stop overthinking

8. Let it go

9. Don't turn down offers to go out with friends

10. Stop being so bitter

11. Listen to understand, not to reply

12. Stay organized

13. Start assignments the day they're assigned, not the day before they're due

14. Start going to the gym

15. Stretch everyday

16. Eat more salad

17. Stop being so serious

18. Eat breakfast every day

19. Start every day with a cup of coffee

20. Live a little more

21. Be kind

22. Give more genuine compliments

23. Have fun

24. Stay more focused on your goals

25. Forget toxic people

26. Smile more

27. Moisturize every day

28. Open your heart

29. Love yourself

30. Listen to more music (& sing awfully at the top of your lungs)

31. Stop being so selfish

32. Stop being so self-conscious

33. Do not stress the little things

34. Appreciate everything

35. Take everything as a lesson to be learned

36. Dance more (like nobody's watching)

37. Be happy for other people's happiness

38. Stop being so jealous

39. If you want to cut people out of your life, do it without any second thoughts

40. Save your "I love you"s for those who really deserve them

Cover Image Credit: Max Pixel

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