1. Instagram

Like... like... like...ew who is that...like... like ...like

2. Shop Online

Ooh, that's cute and I need something to wear to the game this weekend. I wonder if Free People is having a sale yet.

3. Facebook

Why do I keep getting so many notifications from this old people website?

4. Other Homework

Crap I forgot I have Webassign due in an hour.

5. Think About Bad Life Choices

Why am I not paying attention in class right now? Why did I text that guy last night, he's not even that cute? What is my professor talking about?

6. Eat Snacks

I'm so bored, when's lunch?

7. Stare Into Space

*Crickets* *Drool*

8. Think About What You're Doing That Night

Julia said she wants to go to wine Wednesday but I really need to fake tan tonight. I'll text Allie and see what she thinks.

9. Look Around For Hot Guys

Ooh, that guy is cute I wonder what Fraternity he's in.

10. Try To Act Like You Were Paying Attention When The Teacher Asks You A Question

Uhhhh, sorry what did you say? I was planning my future wedding on Pinterest.