Everyone looks back on their freshman year of college and says to themselves, "Dang, I wish I would've known that.". These are 10 things to remember as you come into college. It's a huge adjustment and these tips will help you adjust.

1. School is the MAIN FOCUS

You came and chose this school because you wanted to build your mind, get more education, and make something of yourself. You chose this school because it felt like home away from home but it’s also a place where you can make your future the one You want! When coming into a new environment, it can be hard to stay focused on your main reasons for going to college, to begin with. You have no rules, no parents telling you what to do all the time, no curfew, and so on. It can be extremely easy to get off track and take advantage of the grown-up world. Just always keep in mind school is the whole reason you are in this environment, to begin with.

2. Organization!!!

Organization is the main key. It can get difficult to stay organized with the overwhelm of assignments, papers, and exams. Especially when you have the freedom that you have. In high school, you always had the teachers constantly reminding you when you have upcoming due dates and so on. They also constantly tell you that in college, it is not going to be like that. Well, guess what, they were right! You are an ADULT now so being that, they make the assignments and due dates your full responsibility. They will usually tell you at the beginning of the semester when a big assignment is due, then it is your responsibility to take on that assignment and follow through with it! Keeping a planner or a homework/due date notebook helps you stay organized. You can write down every important date for exams, assignments, and papers. If you aren’t organized and aware of the due dates coming, it can result in bad grades in which you do not want.

3. Take advantage of your resources

Take advantage of all your resources. Library, your professors, and free tutoring are available for you to use and take full advantage of. They are there to help you succeed and using these resources will help you succeed in college. The library is a great place to study. It’s quiet and there aren’t many distractions. What else is there to do besides school work?

4. Don’t be afraid to get involved.

College is the beginning to finding yourself and seeing your true potential. These are the best memories that you can make. Getting involved on campus is truly beneficial. It helps you connect with different people from all over the world, you make true friends, and it may/can benefit in the future with your career. I personally got involved with Greek life and it is honestly the best decision I have ever made.

5. Are your friends your forever friends?

College is a whole different experience and it can be difficult to maintain friendships. As people age, they change. Your high school friends may not stick with you all the way through college. Your freshman year friends may not still be your friends when you’re a sophomore or junior. Don’t worry. College is all about experience and you’ll later realize that you bounce around a while before you find your home.

6. Go to class!

Literally, go to class. At the end of the day, you are paying to go to school so why pay to skip? In college, some professors will even fail you if you skip class more than 3 times. Besides, if you aren’t in class, what are you doing?

7. Make time for yourself

College can be very overwhelming with assignments due this week and exams next week, not mention outside activities like having a job or Greek life. It can be very busy and you never have time to sit down and relax. So, remember to set time away for yourself and maybe do activities you like. For instance, my “joy” time when I go to the gym or out with the girls.

8. Stay healthy!!

Staying healthy is an obvious fact but it can be difficult with free meals on campus or midnight cravings. Staying healthy is a good way to stay focused on school and take care of yourself. Eat healthy and good meals so you don’t gain the “freshman 15”. I know, it can be hard, but trust me, it will pay off in the end. Maintain a good amount of sleep. When your brain isn’t awake and ready for the day, you aren’t either, which can lead to a drop of grades. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

9. Don’t forget about your home.

Its college. Enjoy it while you can because before you know it, you’ll be 30 years old with six cats working your life away. There are so many memories to make from football games, tailgates, homecoming competitions, and so much more. Take advantage of this time because everyone isn’t as lucky as you are. Not everyone has the same opportunities that you do. Get the most out of this experience. Everyone says it’s the best years of your life.