10 Things You Gotta Start Thinking About A Year Before College Graduation

Everyone starts asking about careers and moving out and all these other things when you are reaching the finish line. Here is a list of things you probably have not even thought about and I promise, they are worth it.

1. Internships


This is the year you should probably start looking into internships. At this time, you may have a general idea of where you want to work and so the search will be a little less stressful

2. Study Abroad


This is it, you graduate next year so if you are planning to study abroad it's now or never. Travel. Eat great food. Have 0 regrets.

3. Loans


Some loans don't need to be paid back until after graduation so beginning to think of how you're going to do it is crucial.

4. Campus Involvement


Maybe after all these years, you still haven't joined a club and maybe you always wanted to. Well now is that time!

5. Recommendation Letters


By this time you probably already have a teacher in mind that you feel you have built a good relationship with. Start asking them about possible recommendation letters in the future.

6. Bucket List


We all had a bucket list before starting college. Well, now is time to go back to look at it and see if you have accomplished everything you wanted.

7. Selling Books


If you have amazing time management skills then you probably do this every semester but if you aren't like me. Now is the time to go back and take out all the books you have ever bought. Then, go online and post them or print them out and post them around campus. A bit of extra pocket change is never a bad thing.

8. Cumulative GPA


It's a year before graduation and if you want to go to graduate school, you should probably start looking at your GPA and in ways of how to improve it.

9. Resume


You should probably start updating it and improving it. If your campus has a writing center, take it to them and ask for help.

10. Scholarships


This is probably one of the last years you will be able to apply for them. Do it. Dedicate time to them because it will be worth it. You may lessen the amount you take out in loans or get a refund for the school and save money on books. Your last year is probably the most crucial to saving money.

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