Attending a small school has its definite perks, but there’s always some drawbacks. For instance…

1. Everybody knows everybody.

Get ready for the awkward “should I wave? Should I just stare at my phone?” moment every time you walk to class. Oh, and that person you’re trying to avoid? That’s never gonna happen.

2. You feel obligated to join every club on campus.

They lured me in and it was a TRAP! #stressed

3. People have no idea where you're talking about.

Is it a high school? No? Is it anywhere near *insert large state school name here*?

4. You can never miss class.

It’s a small teacher-student ratio. If you’re texting, sleeping, or straight-up missing, the teacher WILL notice.

5. There are only so many cardio machines...

Looking at you, one person that always takes the elliptical right before I get on it.

6. ...and laundry machines.

Thanks but no thanks, guy who threw all my underwear on the floor because he couldn’t wait two minutes for the dryer.

7. School spirit can feel a little silly.

After all, everything from the football team to the cheer squad to the audience itself is pretty small…

8. In fact, football may not even be your best sport.

Our tennis team is solid.

9. It's easy to feel a little isolated from the rest of the city.

After all, you have everything on campus you could ever need! Those outsider city-folk just don’t understand.

10. But on-campus eating options are pretty limited.

Maybe it’s worth the drive off campus if you could just get a decent cheeseburger for once. Cafeteria food is only good for so long, after all.

But deep down you know you love your small school, and you wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else! After all, where else would all your professors know your name by heart, and the whole campus have your back 24/7? Go small schools!