10 Struggles Only Bowlers Will Understand
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10 Struggles Only Bowlers Will Understand

Reading these will either make you laugh or cry at how true these are

10 Struggles Only Bowlers Will Understand
Taylor Bulthuis

As bowlers, we really aren't appreciated for our sport or recognized enough. Not many people understand the small little struggles like having oil stains on some shirts and throwing a pocket 7-10. So this is for us and all the struggles that only we know and understand. Let's start off with the first one...

1. "Bowling isn't a sport"

Probably the most aggravating thing you can say to a bowler. Trust me when we say we can write a 10 page paper AT LEAST explaining how bowling is a sport. If anything, it's probably the hardest sport in the world. As bowlers, we endure lots of physical and mental challenges. From geometric angels of bowling to physics of the ball and it's motion, there's a lot more to bowling than what meets the eye.

2."Bowlers aren't athletic"

Granted we aren't running around a field kicking or throwing a ball but bowlers are pretty athletic. Most collegiate bowlers are required to work out and stay in shape for the pure fact that we are athletes. So even though we may not seem it, don't underestimate us!

3. "Why do you need more than 1 ball?"

When you're a competitive bowler you have so many bowling balls that they become decor in your house and they're all over your car. What most non-bowlers don't understand is that each ball is unique in it's own way because of it's core. Each ball will do different things and will react differently depending on surface and oil. So yes, we have a shit load of balls but I promise you whether we love some or hate some, they all did something good for us.

4. Always smelling like a bowling alley

It's not the worst smell but it certainly isn't abercrombie. Normally we all have a "scent" to us that basically is the smell of your home. In our case, it's the bowling alley that has overpowered our home scent. So yes, we smell like bowling alley and we will not matter how many times we shower.

5. Acquiring a taste for bowling alley food

What was at first grimy bowling alley food is something we look forward to everytime we bowl during a meal. Being that we're always at the bowling alley we're basically forced to eat what's there. Bowling alley food is basic and cheap so it works out well for us.

6.Having one thumb bigger than the other

Talk about an awkward moment when you hold hands with someone and they ask you why your one thumb is so big. No matter what your bowling thumb will always be bigger than your other and it will probably continue to get bigger.

7. Never being able to sleep in on weekends because of tournaments

It's always so incredibly annoying to see all your friends tweet about sleeping in on the weekends and your ass is up at the crack of dawn traveling to a tournament. The only time we get to sleep in is when we have breaks for school, and even then we'll still end up bowling.

8. Walking out a shot that didn't end up being a strike

First of all you look like a complete asshole. You threw a shot and you were feeling yourself and you were like "yeah baby here we go, here's a fabulous strike" and then the dreaded 7-10, greek church, or even the 10 pin just staring at you. Yeah you're pissed but seriously!? THAT just happened? So now you have the walk of shame back to the ball return as people think you're cocky and obnoxious. Good one *insert name here*.

9.When people tell you they've gotten a 300 in Wii Bowling

Wow!! Cool!! Congrats!! THATS NOT IMPRESSIVE!! sorry not sorry. Try bowling one in real life than talk to me about how good you are

10. People's reaction when you tell them you're a bowler

We always get the "oh good for you. let me pretend to be nice even though I don't think bowling is a sport and you're weird". Like no. Please don't give me that look. I'm a beast at bowling, I didn't get this scholarship for nothing. One time I asked the other person what sport they did and they said water polo and it took everything inside of me to not laugh of make fun of them because of how people do that to me. But they won't be laughing when I become a national champion :)

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