Grammar is an extremely important part of successful writing. However, some people take it a bit more seriously than others. There is a select group of people in our society who tend to be a little anal about proper grammar. We are called the grammar nerds. Not sure if you're a nerd or not? If you relate to any of the struggles below, chances are you definitely qualify.

1. You go way overboard on peer editing.

You just can’t help it! When your professor suggests that you trade papers, it’s basically going against your nature if you don’t mark every grammatical fault. By the end of their paper, there’s definitely more red pen than there is black ink.

2. You correct your friends' texts to you.

It drives you physically insane when your friends send you a text that has a grammatical error. Whether they use the wrong form of “your” or “too” or “there,” YOU'RE fairly sure that THEY'RE about to get what’s coming TO them. Which is probably a response back that looks something like this:

3. You immediately lose all respect for places that don't use proper grammar.

There is absolutely nothing worse than reading something at one of your favorite places and noticing an error. You can’t possibly forgive something like this. Sayonara, place-I-will-never-view-the-same-way-again.

4. Your hatred of the word "alot" is expressed. Daily probably.

This is mainly because of the fact that it isn't a word. You wouldn’t say “abunch” or “aton,” so what we can’t figure out is what provokes humans to use “alot.”

5. When you're looking for a relationship, correct grammar is a must.

Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t use proper grammar? If yes, then you are most definitely not a grammar nerd. We’d probably go insane.

6. You die a little inside when someone calls it "grammer."

I have no words to explain how frustrating this is. I physically cannot elaborate.

7. You most likely hate "Twilight."

And, no, not because of the giant plot holes and sparkling vampires, but instead because of the utter disgust it serves to the literary community. Not only are there countless grammatical errors, but Meyer’s writing is really just pitiful in general. Sorry teenage girls, everywhere, but "Twilight" is no work of art.

8. At some point in your life, you've shared a grammar meme on your social media (perhaps passive-aggressively).

No one can blame you though, they’re pure gold. Besides, what better way to let your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr know that their grammar is shameful than with a meme with subliminal messaging?

9. You're the one that all of your friends go to when they need a proofreader.

Paper due the next day and your roommate wants someone to read it over? You got it. Important email that your friend is sending? You’ll make sure it sounds ok. You’ve even proofread texts to your best friend’s crush. But you don’t mind, it’s flattering that they respect your grammar skills that much anyway!

10. You may get a lot of judgement, but you wouldn't rather be any other way.

Enough said.