10 Stages Of Being An Aunt

10 Stages Of Being An Aunt

You think you've got it all under control, until you don't.

My nephew Jace was born just two and a half years ago and since then I've learned a lot. From taking his first steps to saying his first words, it's been a journey I've shared alongside my family. Becoming an aunt came with many perks, consisting of a little human that was now my responsibility to change, feed, and entertain on days I'm called up to babysit. Watching him grow up and learn different things so quickly is fascinating as well as saddening because he won't be a baby forever. I've learned a lot of different things becoming an aunt; things I was not made aware of until after the messes were made. What's a girl to do?

1. When you first find out you're becoming an aunt

At first, you're all like "Omg I'm getting old," but then you're like "Oh crap I'm going to be an aunt"!

2. When they're born and are all delicate limbs and everyone wants to touch them and you need to set the record straight

So you stop everyone with the hand sanitizer sign- NO DIRTY GERM HANDS!

3. When you have to learn how to change diapers

It's all fine and dandy when they're newborns until you realize you need to become a ninja.

4. When they learn to call you “tia” (Spanish for aunt)

You then proceed to have a proud aunt moment consisting of telling everyone how they are truly the smartest kid in the world, courtesy of being related to you.

5. When you take them to the park and people think they’re your kid

Nope, not this one ladies and gents; I just get to take him out on loan.

6. When you know almost all the new kids shows on Nick Jr

You try your best to be sneaky and switch the channel to SpongeBob, but he really isn't having it. So you settle for watching him be all smart, learning about centripetal force at the age of 2. (Thanks, Blaze and The Monster Machines, you've ruined him).

7. When they won't stop crying and you don't know how to make them stop

You freak out until you realize you're the adult so you take out the ice cream and start crying with him.

8. When they know you’re having a bad day and give you hugs and kisses

Then you realize just how fricken cute they are and hug them really tight until they start to complain.

9. When they ask for your boyfriend more than they ask for you

At this point, you end all further communications between the two and lay down the law.

10. When they trade you in for another aunt and don’t love you anymore

They really just think they can make these kinds of decisions for themselves and completely disregard all the time and devotion you have put into their lives. But despite being betrayed you still love them.

Cover Image Credit: Cynthia Rodriguez

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8 Completely Necessary Texts College Girls Send To Roommates Everyday To Survive

"Who threw away my to-go box?"

Moving into a new apartment, dorm, or house with roommates call for sleepless nights, endless laughs, and last but not least infinite questions and conversations.

College roommates are people who could potentially be your bridesmaid, groomsman, or best friend for life.

With technology on the rise, texting makes it easier for roomies to communicate, even if they're in the same place as you are.

1. "Where are you? When are you going to be home?"

In reality, college can actually be pretty lonely. Especially if you're best friends with your roommates, you tend to get pretty bored and lonely if they're not home. You find yourself with nobody to talk to and nothing to do except twiddle your thumbs through a different social media app every 30 seconds.

2. "Whose clothes are in the washing machine?"

Living with multiple people means laundry piles up QUICK. Girls tend to try on 10 outfits a day before finally deciding on one. If they're anything like me they, they will throw their clean clothes in the dirty hamper rather than hanging them back up. Walking to the washing machine with an armful of clothing and seeing the washer is already occupied can often be frustrating and inconvenient. Having to drop your clothes to send out the "whose clothes are in the washer?" text is almost necessary a few times a week.

If you're tight with your roommates and know whose clothes they are (because you have borrowed half of their wardrobes) then they're usually okay with you switching the clothes over to the dryer for them.

3. "Who threw away my to-go box?"

Eating out in college can be pricey, so college students tend to take any amount of food they have left over back home with them. With every person bringing home food a few times a week, the fridge gets too packed to store any food in.Throwing away food based on how long you've seen it on there tends to be pretty common among roommates. Sometimes, they're mistaken and throw away the wrong white box considering they all look the same. There are not many feelings worse than finally getting home to eat your left overs that you've been craving since your 11 a.m just to find out it's been thrown out.

4. "Can I look in your closet?"

Having multiple wardrobes to pick from can make picking out an outfit to go out in that much easier....or harder. Roommate's closets give you access to so many more outfit combinations. It's even better if your roomies share the same shoe size as you. SCORE!!!

Worst case scenario, you still can't find anything to wear and you go to your local Forever21 and pick up a cheap clubbing outfit that will probably fall apart after its first wash.

5. "Can you do the dishes?"

Dishes piling up in the sink is not only annoying but it stinks after a few days. In most cases, there's always that one "mom" or "dad" roommate who usually has to take charge and do it. If every roommate is constantly having to clean up after the messier one, it's time to send them that "Can you do the dishes?" text.

6. "Do you wanna go eat?"

Eating Panera is a lot more enjoyable when you have a buddy to share conversation with over your bread bowl. Texting the group message "Who wants to go eat?" is probably the easiest way to find somebody to come with you. Roommates will typically come through 9/10 times because a long day of class can really work up an appetite.

If your roommates let you down, UberEats is always an option if you're feeling boujee and don't want to feel like a loner in public.

7. "Can you keep the noise down?"

In high-school, studying for tests wasn't exactly necessary if you wanted to pass. On the other hand, if one is wishing to pass a class in college, then studying is a major key! Loud music, laughing, and screaming are just a few of the possible distractions that roommates can cause during your study time.

8. "Are y'all dressing cute or no?"

Sometimes girls like to dress up randomly simply just to go grab a bite to eat or run to the mall. Other times, girls like to wear t-shirts down to the knees and have people question whether they are homeless or not. No girl likes to be the odd one out by being over-dressed or under-dressed. So getting everybody's input on how they're dressing before hand will really help a girl out!

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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5 Reasons Going To A Different College Than Your Twin Can Be Great

5. You realize how close you really are

People assume twins have to do everything together all the time but at some point, you have to get out and live your own life. My sister and I did this by going to two different universities with two different majors.

Here are my top 5 reasons as to why having a twin sister at a different college is actually pretty awesome.

1. Coming home on break is WAY more fun

School breaks are always nice but when you haven't seen your twin in weeks there's just so much to catch up on between schools, drama, boys, etc. that makes it all the better.

2. You always have someone to talk to on the phone

Major drama, stress, standing in line, walking to class, just bored, you name it. Your twin is the first person you call.

3. Both of you basically have twice as many friends

In high school, you were together most of the time so you end up having the same friends. In college, you both get to make your own friends and then introduce your groups to each other!

4. Share an interesting fact about yourself on the first day of class? Check.

5. You realize how close you really are

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? You'll realize how thankful you are to have someone in your life who loves you and is there for you no matter what- even if you are hours away.

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