10 Stages Of Being An Aunt

10 Stages Of Being An Aunt

You think you've got it all under control, until you don't.

My nephew Jace was born just two and a half years ago and since then I've learned a lot. From taking his first steps to saying his first words, it's been a journey I've shared alongside my family. Becoming an aunt came with many perks, consisting of a little human that was now my responsibility to change, feed, and entertain on days I'm called up to babysit. Watching him grow up and learn different things so quickly is fascinating as well as saddening because he won't be a baby forever. I've learned a lot of different things becoming an aunt; things I was not made aware of until after the messes were made. What's a girl to do?

1. When you first find out you're becoming an aunt

At first, you're all like "Omg I'm getting old," but then you're like "Oh crap I'm going to be an aunt"!

2. When they're born and are all delicate limbs and everyone wants to touch them and you need to set the record straight

So you stop everyone with the hand sanitizer sign- NO DIRTY GERM HANDS!

3. When you have to learn how to change diapers

It's all fine and dandy when they're newborns until you realize you need to become a ninja.

4. When they learn to call you “tia” (Spanish for aunt)

You then proceed to have a proud aunt moment consisting of telling everyone how they are truly the smartest kid in the world, courtesy of being related to you.

5. When you take them to the park and people think they’re your kid

Nope, not this one ladies and gents; I just get to take him out on loan.

6. When you know almost all the new kids shows on Nick Jr

You try your best to be sneaky and switch the channel to SpongeBob, but he really isn't having it. So you settle for watching him be all smart, learning about centripetal force at the age of 2. (Thanks, Blaze and The Monster Machines, you've ruined him).

7. When they won't stop crying and you don't know how to make them stop

You freak out until you realize you're the adult so you take out the ice cream and start crying with him.

8. When they know you’re having a bad day and give you hugs and kisses

Then you realize just how fricken cute they are and hug them really tight until they start to complain.

9. When they ask for your boyfriend more than they ask for you

At this point, you end all further communications between the two and lay down the law.

10. When they trade you in for another aunt and don’t love you anymore

They really just think they can make these kinds of decisions for themselves and completely disregard all the time and devotion you have put into their lives. But despite being betrayed you still love them.

Cover Image Credit: Cynthia Rodriguez

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3 Things My Long Distance Relationship Taught Me

These important lessons have shaped who I am.

In today's day and age, long distance relationships are becoming more and more common. With technology advancing to the point of near-instant communication, it's becoming easier to have a long distance relationship.

Long gone are the days where you have to wait days on end for a letter. Although my partner and I also use letters to communicate, because I adore handwritten anything. However, if I wanted to, I could have an instant conversation with him about my opinion on Tomato soup-its delicious; which we do way too often probably.

Me and my partner, Mickey, have been dating for a year as of April 20th, and any joke you think of has probably already been laughed at. A majority of our relationship has been long distance, shortly after we met and started dating I moved to Orlando for UCF. In a way, we have been apart physically more than we have actually been together. Coming on the eve of our one year I've been thinking about that a lot, about our relationship, about everything I learned with having a long distance relationship.

Because I am so sweet, I will be sharing three life lessons I have learned thanks to this beautiful relationship!

1. Communication.

All relationships require communication. However, when you are living in two different cities, your communication skills need to be on point! You have to be able to stay in contact. If you are in any way terrible at texting- which I use to be- you need to get better at texting. If Mickey and I aren't texting, we're not talking. We have a multitude of apps that we use to keep updated with everyone. Snapchat lets us see each other's faces, with many many cute filters. Whatsapp allows us FaceTime even though I have an Android.

The other thing is that any of our 'important' conversations (they are all important) have to be done over text or facetime. If there is something that we need to discuss as a couple, we can't just wait until we can see each other to talk. Usually, we only have a weekend or a couple of days, also just as a general rule you shouldn't wait for weeks on end to have a serious conversation about something in a relationship, where we see each other waiting for that weekend isn't a great plan.

2. Trust.

Yes just like communication trust is needed for any relationship, but if you are at all an easily jealous person, then a long distance relationship isn't for you. If you are going to look at any new friend your partner has and immediately wonder if their cheating then my friend, don't date long distance.

I trust Mickey. Mickey trusts me.

That's why this relationship works. I don't get upset when he makes new friends who happen to be female. He doesn't get upset when I make new friends who happen to be male.


3. Romance.

It's kinda hard to be romantic through a screen. Very, very hard. For one it's hard to find a cute angle, for another sometimes the sound goes out, or the video is slow, or a thousand other things.

However, you have got to make it work. You have to make cute dates. Dress up. Order the same food. Do something ridiculously cute.

Send letters to one another. Send gifts. Make cute things and send them to your partner.

I think that as long distance relationships grow in popularity we need to remember that just like all relationships you have to work for it. This isn't something that you can sit down and not work for. Relationships are an effort, anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

Cover Image Credit: Jen Palmer

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7 Things To Do Beyond Galentine's Day

Who limited "females celebrating females" to one day?

Who says that fabulous female friendships should only be celebrated once a year? I say celebrate your friendships once a month or even once a week! Here are some fun ideas to do with your gal pals!

1. Shopping trip

Sorry for your credit card bills in advance! There is no better way to spend a day than getting some brand new items for your wardrobe. You can go to all of your favorite stores, try on a million different things, and experience the fun day with each other.

2. Weekly dinners

You don't need to spend a lot of money to celebrate your amazing friends. You could have weekly potluck dinners where everyone brings one part of the meal! It will be nice to sit down and enjoy a meal together and hear all about how your weeks are going.

3. Movie date

You can get that extra butter on your popcorn to celebrate. There are new movies coming out monthly, so you could make this a monthly occasion. Going over to each other's houses and watching a Netflix movie works too!

4. Wine and painting

If you have an Instagram, you have seen the phase that is currently sweeping the female population. What is better than wine and painting with your favorite people around you? You can bring your painting home after your night out and hang it somewhere special so you will always think of your girls.

5. Start a book club

If you have seen the previews for the movie Book Club that is hitting theaters on May 18th, you can see that a book club can be a lot of fun. You get to chose the books you read, so they can be of any genre that you and your friends like! P.S.-- You probably won't stay on topic of the book, but that is okay! That is the fun of book club!

6. Plan a trip

Is there any location that you and your girls constantly talk about going to? Pick a weekend/week and go there! Whether is it's a weekend for a small road trip, or a two week trip across Europe, plan it! There is something so special about a girls' trip; sit back, relax, and enjoy being around your favorite people.

7. Do a group workout class

Working out may stink, but doing it with your friends could be a lot of fun! When you are around your friends, you will forget about the sweat dripping and the pain. You could do cycling, Zumba, abs, etc.!

So remember ladies, females are extremely powerful, and we deserve to celebrate each other. We can praise our girl gangs daily, weekly, monthly, etc.! Whatever you chose to do, have fun with it! It's all about you and your squad.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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