I'm so sorry to remind you, but finals are soon approaching. Here are 10 songs that I recommend to help you relax, because if you are anything like me, stress only makes things worse.

1. Danny Boy- Celtic Thunder

This is my ultimate song to relax to. It could be because of my wonderful time in Ireland, or I like the sound of nice singing voices with foreign accents. Maybe it's my Irish heritage, but who knows, everyone I share it with seems to enjoy it.

Source: library.duke.edu

2. Tiny Dancer- Elton John

I feel like Sir Elton does not even need an explanation.

3. Set Fire to the Rain- Adele

I do not know why, but this song has always helped me calm down. The piano music and Adele's soaring voice could do it. It could also be the fact that it is a beautiful singing voice with a foreign accent.

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4. Weightless- Marconi Union

This song seems nice enough upon superficial listen, but according to numerous neuroscientists along with several studies, it is THE song to listen to if you want to relax.

5. Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen (or the Pentatonix version)

The beauty of this song itself puts me into a very calm space every time I listen to it. The Pentatonix music video went viral on my social media sites because of the beauty. I have always found acapella music to be particularly beautiful and relaxing.

Source: youtube.com

6. Life of the Party- Shawn Mendes

He has recently blown up. This, however is one of his earlier songs that I absolutely adore. His voice paired with the piano and the uplifting message create another wonderful song to help you temporarily escape from the world.

7. Angel of Music- Phantom of the Opera Original London Cast

Anytime you listen to Phantom, it better be the original London cast or else you are missing out. This entire musical is a gorgeous masterpiece. For some reason, this song has stuck with me in it's own way. Sometimes, when I am really stressed, I listen to this before bed and it helps me fall asleep.

Source: youtube.com

8. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables- Les Miserables Cast

Although this song is incredibly sad and poignant, I find it very relaxing.

9. Imagine- John Lennon

The message, the voice, and the instrumentals create a world in which we would all like to live, albeit temporarily.

Source: rateyourmusic.com

10. Let it Be- The Beatles

This song is wonderfully calming, and also a good reminder that whatever happens this finals season will happen.

Good luck everyone!

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