1. You Eat

As we all know, the average person does not eat as they should. Honestly, what's a diet? Healthy is a broad concept and does anyone actually know what food is considered healthy nowadays. Thus, if you eat you're not normal.

2. You Breathe

If you have time to breathe, then you're not normal. If you find yourself always rushing around and unable to catch your breathe, then congratulations, consider yourself as normal as it gets. In today's world, everything is a race and we forget that our body actually needs... wait for it... oxygen.

3. You Sleep

You are definitely not normal if you get a solid night's sleep. In order to be "normal" expect to get maybe thirty minutes to a solid forty-five. No more if you want to be normal, it just simply doesn't work.

4. You Have Time To Workout

Only normal people go to the gym to take pictures to make it seem like they're working out and getting #fit. If you actually go to the gym to get in shape, then what are you doing with your life, weirdo...

5. As a Student ... You Have Time To Study

If you're currently a college student and have time to study.. please stop reading. You are the most odd person I have ever met. College free time means loading up on chips and queso while binge watching Shameless on Netflix.. duh.

6. You Enjoy Your Job

Even if you have the best job in the world, odds are you hate something about it. If you love your job and have nothing to complain about.. consider yourself once again.. out of the norm.

7. You Have a Perfect Relationship

If you have never been in a fight and you and your other half just adore each other "forever and always", congrats. But seriously... the only time we ever saw that was with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, look where they are now.

8. Everyone Likes You

If you don't have at least one person out to get you, you either haven't stood up for something you believe in or haven't fought for something you love. Get a grip and try being real for a second. Normal is not being liked by everyone.. normal is being able to conquer and overcome issues.

9. You Go To The Doctor's Only For Check- Ups

Those who are able to make it through a full year without needing medicine for an illness, a cast, or an emergency room trip... consider yourself lucky. However, normal people aren't always as lucky and sometimes we aren't always able to push through it. To the doctor's we go!

10. You are Able to Get Through The Day Without Calling or Asking Someone for Help

Whether it be calling mommy to help you with laundry or for that amazing dinner recipe she always makes, daddy for help around the house because the roof is about to sink in, or your sibling because you simply need a friend to talk to, having someone there for you is 100% normal and always will be.