Cats are God’s gifts to humans. They’re adorable, playful, and make life a million times better. Even though they’re oh so precious they can be extremely spoiled. Here’s some telltale signs that your cats are spoiled!

1. They expect to be pet anytime they want.

Hey, mom I know you're busy typing an essay but I'm just going to lay on your laptop until you rub me.

2. Sometimes you sleep uncomfortably so they sleep comfortably.

When they're sleeping they look so beautiful, how could I possibly disrupt their sleep?

3. They take up all of your bed, and you allow it to happen.

Even though I have a queen size bed, I somehow end up on the edge.

4. You stay frozen in one position when they're on you.

I guess I'll get up once you move!

5. They go to the salon more than you do.

I wish I had someone to bring me to the salon twice a month for free!

6. They always get new toys.

I can never go to a store and not buy something I think they'll like.

7. They're picky about what cat food they eat.

They like it chopped a certain way, in a particular gravy, and certain meats only.

8. You feel obligated to give them some of your food.

I can't eat a meal without offering some to them. They wouldn't allow it anyway.

9. You can’t do certain duties when they’re sleeping.

Why is it that whenever I have to vacuum my room my cats conveniently fall asleep on my bed?

10. You spend any free time making them happy.

Do homework or play with my cats? Play with my cats!