10 Signs You Went To Oswego High School

Whenever you tell someone new you’re from Oswego, they automatically assume you went to Oswego East. Well at least that's how it's always gone for me anyways. And I always have to tell them “Nope, I went to the “regular” Oswego High School.” There were a lot of things that differentiated us from Oswego East. Here are some signs that show you’re an Oswego High School graduate.

1. Cinnamon Bun Friday! - Fridays were always great, but every other Friday was the best. 1 dollar giant, delicious cinnamon rolls to look forward too in 2nd period. Food & Nutrition 2, always coming in clutch.

2. East View Parking Lot – Route 71’s left turn lane was always so long you’d have to wait through at least 3 arrows to turn. Instead, you took a quick U-turn in East View to save loads of time. Only until cops started to chill in the parking lot.

3. Never Ending Construction – Teacher: “Why are you late?” Student: “Because the traffic outside sucks!” Teacher: “Makes sense” Year after year, more and more construction emerged. Once something was finished, something else began.

4. The Freshman Wing – The wing upper-class men refused to step foot into.

5. Orange Crew – The area students dreamed of being able to sit in all throughout junior high. Though the only game OC was ever really involved in was the Crosstown game.

6. Crosstown Challenge – Year after year, the games getting more and more intense, Oswego High School always comes through with a victory over East.

7. Music In The Hallways – The same old music would play for the last minute of the 6-minute passing period in-between classes, until it was cut off to tell us to get our butts to class.

8. "ABCD" Lunch or Guided Study – No matter what lunch period you had, you never got more than 30 minutes to eat. By the time you sat down with your flimsy chicken patty you heard the words “Alright lets go."

9. Bonnie & Mario – Always walking the hallways asking where our passes were. Though we were never really fazed because our relationships were pretty chill.

10. TALK Day – The best 4 days of the year. Being able to skip a whole day of classes to hang out in the gym, play games, and meet new people.

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