10 Signs You Are A Flower Child

A flower child is defined as "a young person, especially a hippie, rejecting conventional society and advocating love, peace, and simple, idealistic values." Chances are, you radiate positive vibes everywhere you go and show people how beautiful it is to be a free spirit. You love flowers in your hair, showing people what it's like to have a loving heart and a kind soul. Flower children cherish their individuality and love showing others how to be their best self. Here are 10 signs you are a true flower child:

1. You're a free spirit with a gypsy heart.

You long to feel the wind in your hair and to find the next best adventure. Wanderlust is constantly driving you to hit the road and explore. You never quite know what your next step is, but it normally ends up finding something new and exciting to love about this world.

2. You are always the barefoot child.

Barefoot always. The moment you walk in the house, you kick off your shoes and rip off your socks! You feel comfiest and best when barefoot. You probably have like a few toes rings or jewelry to decorate your free feet as well.

3. Your closet consists of of loose fit and patterned clothing.

No one does ths better than Vanessa Hudgens. Her boho-chic look is effortless and always stunning. Your closet probably also has a good amount of flower-patterned clothing and lots of color!

4. When it comes to taste in music, you're an old soul.

If only we could have artists today half as talented as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Michael Jackson....the list could go on! Music just doesn't have the same kind of passion and thoughtful lyrics anymore.

5. You have a very open mind and a laid-back personality.

You are a very easy-going person and people enjoy your company. You're not quick to judge, but you do speak your mind when you feel it is needed. You look at the world with an open heart and mind to see the good in all.

6. You don't conform to what everybody else is doing, you're your own individual.

There is pride in being your own individual and this is something you value. You never see the need to be fake or to do something just because everybody else is doing it. You don't follow the latest fads, in fact you probably create your own trends.

7. You have a strong desire to make the world a better place.

Where others see a broken place, you see an opportunity to put the pieces back together. You feel a calling to help others and give back. You are here to serve and prove that this world can be a beautiful place.

8. You're not afraid to be challenged or tested by others.

You see challenges as a way to learn and grow. You're wise enough to recognize when someone is testing as a learning opportunity and respect the fact they care enough to have a desire for you to be the best.

9. You love spontaneous decisions and sometimes are a little too wild for your own good.

You sometimes give your family and friends a little reason to worry when your fearless side comes out. Your curiosity and wandering mind make for lots of quick decisions. You seek the thrills of life and want to experience that feeling of being on top of the world constantly.

10. There's a certain beauty in the way you use your eyes to see what most overlook and your heart to feel a passion like no other.

You don't see the first layer, your eyes show you what's hidden. You look past what most might see and find the deeper meaning. Your heart is always exploding with passion and love for others. A true flower child sees the world with hopeful eyes.

Stay wild, flower child.



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