If you haven't heard, there was a small protest in Washington D.C. on Saturday. Half a million men, women, and children showed up to take a stand for women's rights. D.C. wasn't the only place hosting a march. Cities all over the world were filled with people wanting to join in solidarity against sexism, gender roles, and patriarchy.

Here in Wichita, KS, over 3,000 people joined together to march from the Keeper of the Plains to City Hall. As you can imagine, there were signs everywhere. Some were funny, some were serious, some were creative. Below are the top 10 signs, and a few other highlights from what went down here in the ICT.

10. Not up for grabs

While this protest was not Anti-Trump, this message was still vitally important. Our president is giving permission to sexual assault, and we need to stand up against it.

9. Facts

There were many signs with different facts on them, but this one was especially profound. Where would we be if women were not working? Where could we be if women achieved equality?

8. Is this still happening?

I don't think much more needs to be said.

7. Nope.

These boys were mighty proud of themselves, and their signs were direct and to the point. Not much more needs to be said.

6. Jesus

People seem to think that all Christians are against gender equality and women's rights. I think that those who have studied the life of Jesus tend to find that he was pro-women and that we should be as well.

5. Michelle Obama

"And you have a right to be exactly who you are." This Michelle Obama quote perfectly summed up the point of this protest. Women should feel free to be who they are. Men should feel free, as well. We are all created equal, and we all deserve freedom.


Couldn't help but laugh at this one. Plus, this lady was awesome. Direct quote: "This was even designed by our gay friend! It's awesome! It's HUGE!"

3. Princess Leia

"A woman's place is in the Resistance." This was a very popular sign, but I especially loved that this man was the one holding it. There's few combinations that are better than Carrie Fisher, a Star Wars reference, and men supporting gender equality.

2. Baldies Supporting Women

These guys were there on their own, no women to be seen. Also the fact that they called themselves "baldies" was the icing on the cake.

1. Dumbledore's Army

Obviously this sign won the first place slot. Not only does it emphasize the need for love in the midst of the chaos, but it is the best Harry Potter reference anyone could have made. Dumbledore's Army was all about standing up to Voldemort and fighting for what was right. "We were all in the DA together. It was all supposed to be about fighting You-Know-Who, wasn't it? And this is the first chance we've had to do something real — or was that all just words to you?" - Neville Longbottom

Other highlights included:

Men everywhere

The number of men that showed up in support was astounding. They were there not to be in charge, but to be quiet, listen, and show their support.


So many children were out at the rally. Kids in strollers, babies, and elementary aged. Maybe some day, when these kids grow up, we will have a country full of people who celebrate differences and know how to treat one another with love and respect.

Batman sighting

Because he chose to be a hero for ALL humans.


Who says protesting can't be fun? This woman was blowing giant bubbles and kids were running through them. As we walked back to the Keeper, some girls were carrying a Bluetooth speaker and playing "girl power" songs such as Wannabe and Single Ladies.

Actual hippies

This guy was maybe my favorite person I saw at the rally. Also spotted: woman sitting cross legged on the ground in tie dye, smoking and offering free hugs to strangers.

Thank you, Wichita, for reminding me that I am not alone. Thank you to the men and women across the globe that took a stand and are continuing to fight for equality every day. Peaceful protests are great, but they will not change anything if we don't take action. To contact your local representative, click here. To donate to the Women's March, click here. To donate to Planned Parenthood, click here.