10 Signs You're Officially Best Friends With Your Roommate
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10 Signs You're Officially Best Friends With Your Roommate

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10 Signs You're Officially Best Friends With Your Roommate

We've all been there. Move in day, the awkward and nerve-wracking moment of walking into your dorm and meeting your roommate. I had the privilege of meeting my roommate beforehand, but I still recall how strange it felt to be sleeping 5 feet away from someone I barely knew. It's funny to look back on that first week of cohabitation because we were both so obviously holding back our quirks and tip-toeing around each other, so unlike a typical day in our dorm room now. Its only been 6 weeks, but I'm pretty sure things getting serious.

1. You consider all food in the room "ours."

Pretty much any snack in the room is up for grabs, even the ones you try to hide on your side of the room.

2. You stop being afraid to be your messy self.

At first, you were trying to impress your roomie by showing how clean and organized you were, now you leave clothes on the floor and don't bother to wash out the coffee mug because, ehh, it's been a long day, you'll clean it later. Oh, and when her mom comes to visit for the weekend, you and your roomie will frantically make the place spotless.

3. You get lonely when she goes home for the weekend.

Most people are happy to hear that their roommate is gone for the weekend, a whole room to yourself right?! Wrong. You're sad that you don't have your BFF to come home to after a night on the town and are counting down the hours till she's back home.

4. You don't get mad when she jumps on your bed while you're doing homework.

At first, you kept to yourselves, but now you run and jump onto their bed and force them to pay attention to you.

5. You know all about their best friends from home, their arch enemies, and their ex-boyfriends.

You even know not to ask about that guy she dated a year ago, he-who-should-not-be-named, because it'll just make her angry and then she'll get super moody with you.

6. Both of your closets have basically combined into one mega closet.

At first, you were scared to ask to borrow her white bralette, but now you get dressed in an entire outfit of her clothes without even asking.

7. You start making other freshmen jealous because of how fun y'all are together.

Everyone knows you're a dynamic duo, and you frequently get the "ugh, I wish I was close to my roommate" when you're around other people.

8. When you have each other's locations on your phone so that you always know where they are

"I tracked you and it says your 5 minutes away. Hurry up so we can go eat together."

9. Sometimes you have random dance parties and pretend like every night is a sleepover.

You tell yourself you're going to go to bed early and get some rest, but end up staying up until 3 am because every night is a party in your room.

10. You start to call your dorm room "Home."

At the end of the day, you can't wait to come home to your roomie best friend because you don't know what you would do without her.

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